What’s Your Bullshit Story?


I saw the following quote by Jordan Belfort today.  It wasn’t the first time I’ve seen it but I had the same strong reaction to it that I always have whenever I see this quote……

The only thing that stops you from getting what you want in life , is the bullshit stories you tell yourself of WHY you can’t have it.

I guess my reaction is so strong because I know better than to buy into the bullshit stories I tell myself about WHY I can’t have what I want but I keep falling into the same trap over and over again.

This quote served as a wake up call to me to get back in the saddle of my life and dip my  pen in the ink and to write the stories that support what I want from life.    At the end of the day, that’s what separate the successful from the unsuccessful in life.

I think we can all agree that success is our ability to do the thing we set our minds to do.  It’s time to stop allowing the bullshit stories to stop us dead in our tracks often times even before we have started.  Instead we need to risk appearing foolish and believe beyond the shadow of the doubt until we have what we want in lives.

What is it that you want?  What’s your bullshit story you are telling yourself as to why you can’t have it?  What do you need to change in your story to propel you into action?  If you knew you could have what you want, how would your actions change?  Your thoughts?  Your feelings?  Your day-to-day routine?

Join me today in stopping the bullshit stories and start writing stories that propel you towards what you want.  ALL things are POSSIBLE to him who believes.  Believe you can have what you want!

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