Do You Owe You – What Did YOU Not Do?

OMG!  I loved, loved, loved this video!!!!  Best way I could have spent 7 minutes of my time today.  I was just sitting here wondering what to write about in my post today to support my theme of optimizing October with optimism and I heard this.  Eric Thomas really knows how to have the hard talk.

I’m amazed how well his message aligns with this quote…

This is why I am loving my experiment this month because the most powerful tool at our disposal is building the new.  Do you know what it is that you want?  Are you doing all that you can for yourself?

Is there something you are NOT doing for you?  Demand the best for yourself, expect good things to happen for you, and pay yourself in spades by using everything at your disposal to make it happen for you!

Cheers!!!! ♥♥♥

PS.  By the way, how did you do on yesterday?  Did you decide to do the imagination practice?  I did and boy I am on fire today with excitement and anticipation.  I not only wrote my script…I recorded it too.  I plan on listening to it several times throughout the day.  I am going to use my imagination to hypnotize myself into a winner’s mentality. Meet me in the winner’s circle!

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