The Art of Keeping Yourself Company

2015 came with some heavy lessons for me particularly in the area of romantic relationships and workplace dynamics.  Nevertheless, I still believe that all things work together for our good.  And, if we take the time to scavenger hunt for the positive aspects, then we will be amazed to discover that it is ALL good.

The number one lesson I learned from last year was the art of keeping myself company.  I heard on an audio tape that people who are easily devastated post breakup become this way because they never sufficiently established a relationship with themselves.

The speaker went on to say that no one can be abandoned but children.  As adults we are not abandoned by anyone and when we feel this way it is because we have abandoned ourselves.  When I first heard him say this, I was really taken aback at how profound his words were.

After much reflection, his words resonated as true for me.   I remember after a really hard breakup for me in 2013, I purchased a program entitled “Text Your Ex Back” and I still participate on its forum to this day because I constantly learn so much from participating on this forum.  It wasn’t the only “get our ex back” system I purchased either.

But that’s another story for another day.  Back to the topic at hand…that breakup and several others that followed with the same person set me on a course of self-discovery in which I know that I will never be the same.  Particularly how important it is to master the art of keeping yourself company.  The beauty in mastering this art is you will never feel lonely.  Additionally, the company that you desire will always be readily available to you….YOU.

I believe in the silent company with ourselves is how we learn ourselves best.  And we become more and more aware of who we truly are and what it is we truly desire.  Before any of us can hope to engage others in a wonderfully fierce relationships, we must first engage ourselves in a relationship so real, so sweet, so fierce, so unconditional, so filled with silences with ourselves that we can hear our own soul.

What are the risks of having the courage to master this art?

I will be known.

I will be seen.

I will be changed.

But there is nothing as liberating as feeling free.   And it’s only when we learn to master the art of keeping ourselves company that we are free to interact with this world as our genuine, authentic selves.

Over the next 30 days give yourself a private challenge to master the art of keeping yourself company.

Don’t know where to begin or what to do?  Email today and set up a mentoring session and learn strategies to help you master the art of keeping yourself company.

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