Who Owns the Truth?


Who owns the truth?  How can we tell given that we judge others by their actions and ourselves by our intentions  and perception is reality?  How do we answer this question?  What is the answer?  We all own the truth.  At least a shred or piece of it anyway.

Anne Lamott writes “Reality is unforgivingly complex.”  I agree with her because we all fall prey to believing our truth is the absolute truth without giving any consideration to the other fella’s point of view.  The higher the stakes the more absolute we become in our stance “I own the truth!”

However, the real truth of the matter is that multiple, competing realities exist simultaneously.  It’s more a little bit of this and a little bit of that which is the truth.  I believe this stance of “I own the truth” severely, if not fatally, undermines and derails countless relationships.  Not to mention what it does to destroy meaningful, effective communication.

Countless wars have been fought throughout history over this stance “I own the truth” as it relates to religion, politics, and material gain.  At what point will man evolve and learn the lesson Einstein espoused years ago which is “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them?”

At some point we must learn that all voices are welcome and recognize that we do not have exclusive ownership of the truth.  To the degree that we resist or disallow the exploration of differing realities in our relationships, our homes, our workplaces, we will spend more time, money, energy, and emotion cleaning up the aftermath of plans quietly but effectively torpedoed by the attitude of those who resent the fact that their experience, opinions, and strongly held beliefs are apparently of little interest to others.

The next time you’re tempted to be the judge and the jury too, stop and ask yourself questions and thoroughly interrogate your own reality before you deem the person guilty of whatever you’re perceiving to be the truth in any given moment.

Yes, sometimes actions may speak louder than words but if your filter is distorted how do you know you’re interpreting actions appropriately and/or effectively?  Do you find yourself falling into this trap of “I own the truth” stance and totally derailing, upsetting, or disrupting your relationships?

If so, email myenergynmotion@gmail.com and schedule your mentoring session and I can introduce you to a powerful communication model for interrogating reality with anyone (including yourself) on any topic, whether at home or in the workplace.




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