♥♥♥ It’s Time to FLY (Fully Love Yourself) ♥♥♥


We’ve all heard of Sadie Hawkins as a recommended way to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day during a leap year.  Well I would like to propose my own pseudo-holiday in lieu of Sadie Hawkins.  Additionally, I would like to propose extending it well beyond just one day.  I believe February is the purrrrrfect month to celebrate SELF LOVE and to make it the highest priority for the month of February.

So today’s topic is It’s Time to Fly (Fully Love Yourself).  We spend so much time taking care of our families, our careers, our to-do list, our friends etc and sometimes we forget to make self love our highest priority.  How will you FLY during the month of February?

This leap year I propose making a FLY Daily Five List at the beginning of each week of how you intend to fully love yourself each day.  For instance my FLY daily Five list is as follows for this week:

  1. Eat Uncle Sam’s Cereal (10 g of fiber….WOOOOHOOO)
  2. Drink 80 oz of alkaline H2O
  3. Take my Supplements
  4. Exercise at least an hour for at least six days this week
  5. Consume three fruits and three veggies

I chose these as my FLY Five because I have been neglecting my physical body lately and I intend to spend this week fully loving my physical body.  I took pics this morning of my starting point and will take pics again on my last day Sunday.  I’m really, really excited about making it my dominant intention to fully loving myself during the month of February.

I now invite you to join me!  Even more so I dare you to leave a comment with your FLY Daily Five list for this week.  Just imagine how good you feel at the end of February and all because you decided to make it your dominant intention to make plan of action and follow through to fully love yourself first.

Cheers! ♥♥♥

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