What’s your PET Peeve?


What’s your pet peeve?  The underlying cause may not be what you think.  We mistakenly believe our pet peeves are things that we find especially annoying and it’s just the way that it is to us…annoying.  Furthermore, we believe that we are justified in feeling annoyed whenever we encounter our pet peeves.

Today I want to look at them slightly different and borrow an acronym from the author Ken Lindner who coins the acronym PET as Personal Emotional Triggers.  What a perfect acronym for the word PET in Pet Peeves.  Don’t you think? After all that’s really what it is Personal Emotional Triggers Peeve.

In other words things that annoy us do so because they trip our personal emotional triggers.  Therefore, our PETs are those certain unique people, events, things, experiences, information, and aspirations that trigger the strongest emotional reactions within us.  They hit us the hardest and strike our most deepest emotional, psychological, and intellectual chords.  If we pay attention, they will show us what we value most and what motivates us the most.

Unfortunately, we write them off as a trivial annoyance to be expected and to tolerate them with gritted teeth whenever they show up.  When in reality, if we pay attention to the underlying messages we can leverage them and they can be used as a transformational, behavioral game-changer.   As a result, new ideas, paths, and solutions can be found and/or created.

How do we do this?  We must catch ourselves in the act and play detective.  So the next time you encounter one of your pet peeves identify if it represents a violation of your most highly valued goals and dreams or your worldview.  What do I mean by worldview? It’s the endless list of how you view the world, the people in it, and how they should function and/or behave.  For instance, if your worldview paradigm says that it is improper to pop chewing gum, then you will find yourself annoyed whenever someone is popping their gum.

Likewise, if you have a highly valued goal of keeping your car showroom clean and someone gets in your car and leaves their trash behind, then you will find yourself annoyed when this happen.  Being aware, I believe is half the battle because if you’re consciously aware of your PETS (Personal Emotional Triggers) then you possess incredible power to break up your poisonous behavioral patterns, so that you are then free to consciously make life choices consistent with your values and worldview.

The more mastery we have over our emotions, the more we can consistently make positive life choices and eliminate potentially sabotaging emotions, impulses, and urges that can hinder our ability to accomplish our plans, fulfill our dreams, and attain the life we deeply desire.  Discovering and mastering our PET Peeves will change the way we make our life choices and our lives in the most positive and profound ways!

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Cheers! ♥♥♥

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