Are You Willing to Pay the Price for It?

Unfortunately, so many of us subconsciously want something for nothing.  We want the easy way.  We want things rolled out to us on a red carpet.

However, life doesn’t work that way.  And the 5-10% who achieve repeated success in life know this.  Not only do they know this, they also estimate the price, cultivate a plan to pay the price and actually pay it.

If you do not possess whatever it is that you desire, then you have not paid the price for it.  What does this mean exactly?  From my observation it means you must evolve and become something different in order to possess whatever it is that you desire.

And to become something else you must use your thought force to positively propel you towards it.  Because your former manner of conversations with yourself are not a match to whatever it is you desire.

If you truly want it and have decided the price is worth the prize, then defy your senses and stop allowing what you see, hear, and think negatively deter you and cause you to falsely believe it’s not possible for you.

Instead make the effort and change your mindset.  If you want love then cultivate a loving mindset.  If you want wealth then create a wealth building mindset.  If you want a new car, then cultivate a new car ownership mindset.  If you want a new home, then cultivate a new homeowner mindset.

Nothing can stop you but yourself.  Do you have the courage, persistence, and patience to pay the price and change your mindset to become who you need to be in order to win your prize?

Remember your personal history remains the same until your mental conversations change.

Cheers!!! ♥♥♥

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