Never Forfeit Your Power

Never forfeit your power to choose and create the life you want by allowing  people, circumstances, and/or events to shape and unduly influence your self-image.  I enjoy listening to Rev. Ike because he gets straight to the point.  I was listening to his audio the other day and he said “to get in the habit of telling yourself what to think because if you don’t the world will tell you what to think.”

And when it comes to self-image I definitely find this to be true.  If the world has it way it will pressure you, ridicule you, shame you and/or scare you into conformity.  I love what Rita Mae Brown had to say about conformity.  She said “I think the reward for conformity is that everyone likes you except yourself.”  When we forgo the discipline of telling ourselves what to think  and allow outside influences to dictate to us what to think, we forfeit our power.

We need to insist upon being who we really are and doing what we ought to do in the way we should do it.  We need to stop allowing the fear of what others think drive and dictate our choices.  We need to have the courage and self-trust to be who we choose to be.  After all, our self-image is the cornerstone upon which our entire personality, behavior, and even our circumstances are built.

I don’t think we readily see the connection between our self-image and how it shapes our experiences which in turn will continue to verify whatever self-image we have of ourselves. And,  thereby serves to reinforce it and sets up either a vicious or beneficial cycle depending upon what self-image we have accepted as true.

I’ve spent over 23 years studying positive thinking, law of attraction, self-help, and metaphysical principles.  And have wondered why some things manifest quickly for me while others seem elusive and far reaching and damn near impossible.  I finally discovered the missing link…self-image.  We cannot receive anything that we don’t see ourselves as being.

With everything we desire there is a particular self-image that correlates to it.  For instance, a person may want to manifest a million dollars but if they don’t have a self-image of a millionaire they will constantly behave and make choices of person who isn’t a millionaire.  Another example would be a woman who wants to manifest a husband, if she doesn’t possess a self-image of being a wife then she will fail to behave and make choices of one who is wedded to her beloved.

Likewise, if a person wants to lose weight but has a self-image of being a “fat” person, then the self-image will always land them back to square one of choices to create a “fat” person.  If a person wants to have more money but has a self-image of being a “broke” or “poor” person then the self-image will always create holes in his pocket for his money to escape or block income opportunities from appearing.

Are you forfeiting your power to choose and create by accepting a false self-image as true?  If you’ve been desiring something for a long time and have had difficulty in obtaining it, then it’s time to have a long, hard conversation with yourself about what self-image you hold as true about yourself on the subject.

Need help?  Click here and let’s discuss how we can cultivate the self-image needed to achieve your aims.  Cheers! ♥♥♥


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