All This for Me?


Gotta love this vast, abundant, expansive, rich, elegant, limitless, gorgeous, breathtaking, brilliant, indescribable universe that we are so blessed to inhabit. So blessed that our Creator gifted us with dominion.  So blessed that our Creator created all this magnificence just for us.


Yet we continue to be subdued rather than subdue.  And continue we allow circumstances to have dominion over us than have dominion over them.


Our Creator has equipped us and empowered us to be more than conquerors.  Our strength is in joy not worry fret, or fear.  We must learn to affirm, speak, and declare and create the life we desire.


We are made in our Creator’s image therefore we are endowed and have access to all the power and might to raise the dead, heal the sick, and move mountains.


We should rejoice, give thanks,  and spread joy and love because we have been given so much and are so highly favored, rich, and abundant.  I ❤ because it feels good to <3.


Leave all these conditions behind, stop fighting enemies that do not exist, and love and feel good because it feels good to feel good.

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