I Choose to Go the Distance


Sometimes we set goals enthusiastically as a result of a new day, new week, new month, new year, workshop, after a discussion with a friend, etc.   And I don’t know about you but I find that I  set some really really terrific goals and then fail to follow through.

I’ve been on this re-image my body campaign for about a six weeks or so.  About a month ago, I downloaded the SparkPeople App because someone referenced it in a FB group.

Well this one action has led to infinitely many good decisions towards taking action to re-image my body.  For instance one goal  that I’ve set is a mileage goal of 60 miles for the month of September.  That means I choose to go the distance regardless of what the scale says or how I perceive my body isn’t changing and put in 60 miles on the pavement.

Similarly, I have set a goal to do push ups, squats, leg lifts, bridges, crunches, donkey kicks, and lunges daily as well.  And I know with each mile, pushup, squat, leg lift, bridge, crunch, donkey kick, and lunge that it is changing me.  Small efforts performed repeatedly over time yields huge results if we just refuse to quit and persist with consistency.

Likewise, I know if I choose to do nothing that nothing will change.  Similarly, if I continue to make the same choices….I’ll get the same results.  It’ll just be another round of wash, rinse, and repeat.  Therefore, I’m choosing to choose for me!

I choose to make the effort and go the distance.  I can hardly wait to see what results with come of my action.  I love the Sparkpeople App because I’ve learned a lot about my eating habits and why I have failed in the past in re-imaging my body according to the vision that I have for myself.  The one action that I truly cannot wait to see my progress on is the 30 day Fiber Challenge that I decided to do five days ago.

With the SparkPeople 30 day Fiber Challenge, I’m prompted to consume 25-35 grams of fiber each day.  So far I’m on track and am already noticing some significant differences.  And , no I’m not an affiliate marketer for SparkPeople.  I’m a real person making real changes in my life and this tool by far has helped me in infinitely many ways.

I’m loving who I am becoming on this body re-image journey.  I am on my way….I can and I will go the distance!

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