Do Your Thoughts Have Drawing Power?


Do your thoughts have drawing power?  In order to attract the conditions we want in life our thoughts must have drawing power.  But, how will I know if my thoughts have drawing power?  I’m glad you asked because I asked the same question too.  The answer to this question can only be found in studying ourselves and understanding our own mental diet.  We have to observe ourselves to determine where we are positive and where we are negative in our thoughts.

Thoughts have the same power.  But, just like the sun the intensity of the power is contingent upon the concentration of our thoughts.  Henry Harrison Brown gives a comprehensive list of thoughts that have absolutely no drawing power….”All thoughts of lack in yourself; all thoughts of want; all tendencies to complain, wish, or find fault with yourself, all criticisms, regrets, and self condemnation; all thoughts of inability to cope with any condition; all thoughts of shrinking, avoiding, fearing any person, thing, or condition; all thoughts of reliance upon friends, money, position, reputation or culture; all thoughts of any assistance from without yourself; all these are thoughts are thoughts of weakness.”

They are non-attractive and lack magnetic power to draw to us the conditions we desire from life.  Study yourself to determine how much you concentrate upon thoughts like these. Realize how much you diffuse your power when you worry, fear, fret and complain.  Once you discover where you been holding a thought of these kinds, immediately change to its opposite.  Never think in terms of want.  Think in terms of having possession of the desired condition in present tense.

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard “act as if”  during training sessions when I was in direct sales.  But, it’s only been recently that I finally understand the mechanism as to why this works.  Whenever we successfully “act as if”, we also channel the feelings of possession of the desired state.  We begin to adopt the attitudes, conversations, and actions that are congruent to our “act as if” state.

And when we feel that we have; others then will feel the same because we radiate those vibrations of power that cause them to feel, to believe in us, and to act under those feelings.  Have you ever notice the times in life when you were focused and in the zone, how people are drawn to you?  Not only are they drawn to you but also appear eager to assist you towards your goals?

There is a distinct drawing power that we emit when the whole of man is turned to one purpose through concentrating upon one thought. It’s important to recognize as we think, so are our radiations that we send forth to create conditions on our behalf.  When we scatter our thoughts, our radiations/drawing powers are diffused and people do not feel, do not recognize us.  We make them feel us by shooting our vibrations from the chamber of our concentration.

Learn to cultivate the feeling from practicing the vibration of “acting as if” and you will make others feel too and be drawn to you to help you create the conditions in life you desire.  Be a dynamo and the currents will flow.  Feeling is the power which thought directs.  In other words, think, speak, act just as you wish it to be, and you will draw to you that which you wish it to be.




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