Present Tense is a Present


I can’t tell you how many different books I’ve read and the authors unanimously promote living in the now.  NOW! NOW! NOW! they all seem to be shouting at me from each and every book.  Yet I still struggled with my attention drifting to the past or fast forwarding into the future.  And not in a good way either.  No my time travel was more akin to the old adage if you’re feeling sad then you’re living in the past and if you’re feeling anxious then you’re living in the future.

Indeed it was like time travel too as it seems I would lose not only hours at a time but sometimes weeks, months, and years too.  All because I was mentally lazy/undisciplined and seemed to prefer to be anywhere other than in the present.  It’s just recently am I truly understanding the power of present tense and how much of a priceless present/gift to myself it is when I train and discipline myself to stay in the moment with the intent to milk it for all the goodness and productivity that it can possibly yield to me.

I have found it’s really on best for me to visit the past for two reasons…to uncover lessons to improve in the present and/or future or to relive good memories to enjoy good feelings in the present.  Likewise, it’s only advantageous for me to visit the future for two reasons…to create an end result/desire that I would like leverage the present tense to move me closer to or to make plans.

And that’s it …other than that all the juice, excitement, joy, love, freedom, passion, energy is right here right now!   And right here right now is where 100% of my attention needs to be unless I’m milking some sweet, sweet memory that makes me feel good all over, upping my game, making plans, or setting goals.

Even when it comes to my future desires, goals, and aspirations the present tense serves be a power pack present.  I have been regularly journaling using one of Abraham Hicks techniques which is to utilize the writing prompt ….”If I Had It My Way…”  And then answering it in present tense as if it is happening in this very moment.

The more days in a row I do this journal exercise the more excited,optimistic, energetic, free, appreciative, passionate, exuberant, expansive, and joyful I feel.  I will continue to show up each day milking the present for every present I can get from it.  Life is too short now to enjoy every second of it infusing it with as much love, joy, and laughter as we possibly can.  As my great aunt used to say…..”Live well while you can.”

Cheers! ♥♥♥


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