♥♥ I Choose to Be Thankful for the Divine ♥♥


Today I choose to feel thankful and appreciative.  It’s so easy for me to take things for granted because I become so consumed with what I don’t have and want.  When in actuality I have more things working in my favor at any given moment than not.

Today I especially choose to be thankful for the divine.  A lady rear ended me today while I was attempting to pay my fees to exit a parking deck.  Thankfully there were no damages to her car or mine.  Yet it served to remind me that divine protection is constantly serving me and intervening to help keep me safe and sound and my heart is running over with love and gratitude because it could’ve been so much worse.

So all I want to share today is that I am thankful for the Divine and my gratitude for today reads as follows:

  • Thank you for divine protection
  • Thank you for divine love
  • Thank you for divine guidance
  • Thank you for divine wisdom
  • Thank you for divine favor
  • Thank you for divine timing
  • Thank you for divine connections
  • Thank you for divine presence
  • Thank you for divine healing
  • Thank you for divine gifts and talents
  • Thank you for divine intervention

The world serves us in so many wonderful, splendid, and magnificent ways.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you is all I can say for today.  And, while we’re on this subject of gratitude.  I would like to thank my reading community for all the likes and comments and support.  I greatly appreciate you tuning in and letting me know that you’re enjoying my posts.  May your blessings and joys multiply 100 fold.


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