Is It Just My Imagination Running Away with Me?


I’ve often read worry is a misuse of the imaginative power.  And I wonder why it is so easy for me to use my imagination in this way and so challenging to use it constructively.  I believe it takes courage to imagine the future that one desires without a shred of evidence of it coming true.  I also believe it is increasingly more difficult to do so when “reality” presents  us with the opposite.

After all we’ve all been drown and brainwashed in sayings like “seeing is believing”, “face the truth of the matter”, “face the facts”.  In other words, we’ve all been conditioned that “reality” trumps “imagination”.  I’m learning I have much to unlearn in order to embrace and harness the real truth about life and how we create the life we deeply desire.

It’s worth it to me to learn more about how to harness my imagination.  After all, the imagination properly trained will readily and efficiently plan, design, construct, build, improve, and generally perform creative work for us all.   I know that I know how to imagine because I do it so well with imagining the worse possible outcome.

In the same way, I now need to learn how to consistently redirect this energy to imagining the best possible outcome and holding on to it and replaying it over and over again in my mind like I do with the worse possible outcome.  Another thing I have discovered that’s fairly interesting and worth mentioning is how quickly people with concur with my imaginative acts towards the worse.

I think others relate to this more than when I declare, decree, and decide that the best possible outcome is on tap and waiting to be delivered to me.    I must have the courage to stand alone in my conviction of what I can create with my imagination and work/pray in secret and wait til I’m rewarded openly.

I’ve decided that I’m going to let my imagination run wild, run free, and focus it on the ideal of a strong, healthy, wealthy, loving, loved, free, accomplished,  appreciative, enlightened, and vigorous woman and trust that that ‘something within’ will faithfully reproduce this ideal in physical and material form and activity.  I will do my job which is to consistently imagine and trust that someway somehow it will happen for me.  And the leave the how to the Universe.

Cheers! ♥♥♥

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