My 2017 Releases


We hear so much about new year’s resolution.  Each year we get excited about the incoming new year and proclaim “This is going to be my year!”  To only come to December 31st and lament the year didn’t treat us well.  I’ve discovered part of the resolution process is releasing.

We’re really good at proclaiming our resolution without considering what do we need to release in order to make our resolutions come to life.  Hence the adage “Out with the old and in with the new.”  Far too often we want to create the new using the outdated thoughts and remnants from the old.  Knowing that old ways won’t open new doors.

For instance, weight loss…a favorite resolution we like to embrace each year right?  I’m going to work out more, I’m going to eat within my caloric range, etc.  But what about the release side of it?  What about  releasing emotional eating?  What about releasing laziness?  What about releasing negative self image?

Or I will grow my business this year….double my income…expand my audience?  What do we need to release in order to make that happen?  Maybe we need to release fear?  Or maybe we need to release the misconception that any of this will make us happy.  Maybe we should focus on releasing indecision, worry, fear, resentments, old flames, disappointments, old hurts, poor self image, distractions, or unnecessary mental chatter.

If 2016 didn’t teach me anything else, it taught me that faith power is an important part of personal power.  It taught me that the worse feeling in the world is to be separated from my own power.  It taught me to appreciate the now and that staying present is the only way for me to leverage my personal power.

So I’ve decided that in 2017, I’m willing to release searching for happiness outside of myself and learn to get in touch with that Something Within that Silent Force that seems to know far better than I what’s best for the development of the general plan or desired one held by me.  I’m willing to trust this invisible partner and its skills and its desires to see me win.

I’m willing to release the habit of assigning negative meanings to setbacks that seem like failures.  I’m willing to trust that later on I will see them as the best thing that could have happened to me at the time.

I’m willing to release living in the past and/or the future.  I’m willing to practice giving the present my undivided attention because I know that all my power is in the now.  And, that presence is the only way that I can create.

I’m willing to release all limited beliefs that creates/promotes a poor self image within myself. I’m willing to re-educate my mind so that it might reproduce in itself the efficient activities to create/promote a positive, healthy, strong and vigorous self image.

I’m willing to release who I think I am and the limitations of personality/ego.  I’m willing to surrender my ego and be transformed by Universal Love and Infinite Intelligence.

I’m willing to release all of my fears and embrace expansion, growth, and unlimited possibilities.

I’m willing to release all thoughts, things, people, situations, habits, and/or circumstances that do not serve my highest purpose and good in 2017.  I’m willing to express my authentic self and share my gifts, talents, and abilities as much as I possibly can in 2017.

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