Do New Things to Impress Yourself


In this day and age of social media it is easy to get caught up into doing things in order to impress others.  Even to the point we strive for situations that are not meant for us and find ourselves empty and dissatisfied upon achievement of them.  I find this true in particular when it comes to people selecting a significant other.  Often times guided by what looks good on paper or how their potential partner can add and/or improve their material gain. Or mistakenly believe they can fill some hole or missing piece in their lives.

Well enough of that, I wanted to write today about shifting the focus from the outside to the inside as it relates to accolades.  To care more about what we think about ourselves and impressing ourselves.  I think one of the best ways we impress ourselves is when we try something new.  In other words I believe it is through expansion and growth that we impress ourselves the most especially when we master something new.

What I’ve discovered is my joy comes from the inner consciousness and of power and efficiency – not from the applause of the crowds.  The more I stretch my faith by reaching for and desiring to create new things in my life for the sake of growth, expansion, and creative reasons the more I impress myself and the more I impress myself the more joyful, free, cheerful, and confident I become.

He who depends upon the applause of the crowds for his pleasure and satisfaction is a slave.  He will forever be seeking approval and/or affirmation from others who may or may not provide it.  I choose to be a master and impress myself and expect applause from no one but myself and to derive my keenest joy from the approval of the mysterious something within that connects me with Infinite Intelligence/Universe/God.

It’s time for me to try new positive things and embrace people, situations and circumstances which make me stronger, better, and more efficient as an individual. Likewise it’s time for me to release old negative things and release people, situations, and circumstances which leave me feeling weaker, worse, and more sluggish as an individual.

I plan to incorporate a try something new activity each week in my planner to impress myself.  I can hardly wait to see how proud I am of myself at the end of each month this year.  What about you?  Will you try new things to impress yourself?  What new things will you try?

Please let me know.

Look forward to hearing from you….

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