You Deserve the BEST from YOU!


Day 1 of my February challenge was launched with a smashing success.  I’m thrilled to see some of you are following the challenge via choosing4me on Pinterest.  I was so excited to see the new follows.  Thank you for partnering with me on this exciting challenge.

Today I was once again reminded that I deserve the best from me.  And it’s amazing when you start to be intentional about loving yourself, you discover all the subtle ways that you were not giving your best to yourself.

Even when I was searching for an image to include with this post most of the messages were about you deserve the best from someone else and to respect yourself enough to only accept the best.  But what about us deserving the best from ourselves?  Why do we accept excuses from ourselves about breaking the promises we made to us?

I got up at 4:45 am this morning to go exercise because  part of the daily challenge for Love Yo’Self is to move your body for at least 30 minutes and I knew if I didn’t get it in this morning it was going to be a different story by afternoon.  After getting it done, I said to myself, “Now why couldn’t you have been doing this all along?”

Why did I accept the excuses from myself and why did I allow myself to keep putting off taking care of my physical body?  It is a necessity to be good to oneself, to do everything possible to keep one’s health up to the highest mark.  And one’s health includes more than just the physical body.  It also means  keeping our mind stayed on victory and feeding it with right thinking.

If we want to win out (and who doesn’t?) we must enter the ring – the arena of life – with all the power we can muster, in superb health at the top of our condition, so that we are capable of putting up our biggest fight.  We can do this and come out with the sweetest of victories if we are good to ourselves, if we keep fit in every aspect of our lives.

Make it your highest priority to give your BEST to YOU in every way possible!


Cheers! ♥♥♥


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