Secret Chambers of Possibilities

Ideals become dim if we don’t constantly stimulate them by the right mental food.  Our imagination is our secret chamber of possibilities. When we learn to live out of imagination, we unleash our hidden resources,  we stimulate our growth and our power.

Jules de Gaultier says “Imagination is the one weapon in the war against reality.” If we want to get away from,  improve, change, reverse, or transform our present reality,  then we must form the habit of leveraging your imagination.

We must form the habit of mentally living in the state we desire.  If it’s abundance,  mentally we must live in abundance.  Better health?  We must mentally live as strong,  virile, energetic,  healthy individuals.

We must train our imagination to visualize and live in the ideal of what we want; that is we must hold the thought of abundance,  wealth,  health, and/or happiness. Saturate ourselves with it.

Then oppositional thoughts cannot touch you.  They will be neutralized because you cannot hold in your mind two opposite thoughts at the same time,  and whatever thought you hold is a real powerful creative force.

In order to create, to build, we must hold a constructive mental attitude all the time,  that we must keep all negatives, all thoughts of discouragement,  despondency,  of possible failure out of our minds.

We can only produce only that which we concentrate upon,  that which we constantly think of; that only which is dominant in our mind,  whether beneficial or injurious will be reproduced in our lives.

Manifest all the good things you need by entering the secret chambers of possibilities and living out of your imagination and not your history.

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