Assert I AM!

Hicks says “We don’t have what we want because we’re not a match to it.” Einstein says “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind/level of thinking we used when we created them.” Marianne Williamson says “You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be.”

We’ve heard old ways won’t open new doors.  And in order to have something different we must do something different.  That’s what this month’s challenge is about changing our thoughts to have something different. 

Maltz says “Our self image,  strongly held,  essentially determines what we become.” Far too often we overlook the connection between our self image and our results in life.  If we don’t have the essence of what we desire in our lives then who do we need to become to have it? 

Do we need to become confident? Do we need to become savvy, alluring, magnetic,  innovative,  charismatic,  flexible,  positve,  optimistic,  consistent,  determined,  victory minded, courageous,  faithful,  peaceful? 

I AM ASSERTIONS are a powerful tool in helping to chisel,  cultivate,  transform, or enhance our self image.  I will be re-incorporating them into my daily routine.  

We choose who and what we will become by who we identify with with our I AM assertions. Be sure they align with your deepest desires.  Don’t believe me….. remember Muhammed Ali? I am the greatest and so it was unto him.

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