This Is the Kind of Person I Am


It’s hard to fight an enemy who has outposts in your head.  Sally Kempton was definitely on point with this statement.  I don’t know about you but some days it feels as if there is a war going on inside my head.

Mental monsters are no joke.  Just like it doesn’t take any effort for weeds to grow in unattended land space so it is with our minds.  It doesn’t take any effort for negative thoughts to emerge and take root in our minds.  Often times they invade our minds in the form of whispers and I know for me, I haven’t realized that they have taken over until I start to feel some type of way.

It used to be a time I thought my feelings were real and I would take them on as an identity and unbeknownst to me at the time I was inadvertently reinforcing negative beliefs by entertaining and accepting negative self talk.  If I don’t invest the time to pluck up the weeds in their seedling state, then they grow just like wildfire the same as with barren unkempt land.

The only antidote to keep mental monsters in check is by daily asserting “this is the kind of person I am”.  Otherwise, I’m subject to fall into the trap of seeing myself through the eyes of those who either don’t value or know my worth or don’t know theirs.  Yes, people who don’t know their worth will project their feelings of inferiority on you if you’re not vigilant in protecting your mental garden with weed killers.

Another mental weed comes in the form of comparing ourselves to others.  This is a surefire way to leave ourselves feeling some type of way.  We all have our own unique talent, skills, and abilities and it doesn’t matter what someone is doing, saying, and/or achieving.  It only matters how we assert “this is the kind of person I am”.

I’ve decided the kind of person I am.  And from now on that’s the person that I’m going to be.  Going forward each day I will assert the kind of person I am and will keep asserting it until it materializes.  The timeless book entitled the Bible supports this notion in Joel 3:10 when it says “Let the weak, say that I am strong.”

I encourage you to decide what kind of person you are or want to be and assert it daily.  Self talk is the most powerful form of communication.  It has the power to give life or kill; to build or destroy; empower or defeat.  Our life is not determined by who we pretend and or claim to be.   It’s defined by what we whisper to ourselves repeatedly daily and on an ongoing basis.  Be deliberate about how you communicate with yourself and ensure it aligns with the kind of person you are or want to be.


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