7 Must Have Systems to Skip Ahead in Business Success


If your top goal is to grow a dynamic, efficient, quality-driven business then having well defined systems is non-negotiable.  This applies whether you own a large corporation, small business, or are self-employed, there are 7 must have systems to skip ahead to success in business.  Well defined systems ensure efficiency, productivity, consistency, and predictability.  Bottom line is well defined systems produce predictable results.

The following seven must have systems will put you in the express lane to reaching your business goals:

  1. System for Learning – The more you know the more you grow. Many studies have shown there is a direct correlation between knowledge and income.  Skill development is essential to stay on the cutting edge and keeping your business fresh and viable.Be sure to include time in your day to acquire knowledge and master skills needed to leverage and position your business for leading edge success.

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  2. System for Growth and Expansion – If your business is not growing then it’s dying.  The most successful people in business have a system to ensure they are constantly growing and expanding.One part of this system should include target market identification.  Which target market is being overlooked by your product and/or services? Know your numbers.

    Pay attention to your effort-to-results ratio.  How much effort keeps you stable versus yields you growth and expansion?  In other words if you’re in sales, do you know how much effort maintains your current income versus giving you a pay increase?

    Is your system reproducible? One surefire way to growth and expansion is to cultivate a system where others can attain the same level of success. This is the number one aspect that most over looked in the direct sales industry.  When you recruit, gift them with a system to grow and expand their business.

  3. System for Organization – Having effective organization ensures efficiency and productive use of resources.  One factor to include for this system is follow-up.  Will you use a paper planner, electronic planner, a tickler file?How will you track items that require follow-up and remind yourself to do it?  Many people either lose income opportunities, increase expenses, and/or client’s respect due to a poor follow-up system.

    Do you have business hours? Do you have a strategy to push yourself through unpleasant tasks? If you have products do you have a system for tracking your inventory? Do you have documentation for your business processes?

    Do you have a plan for how you will apply your time during your business hours?  Have you identified which actions are income producing versus non-income producing?  Do you have the right ratio for your time investment to ensure you’re using your time in such a way to give you the biggest bang for your buck?  Busy does not equal productive.

    Success has a look.  Is your work environment organized and clutter free?  Does it speak to success to you? If self-employed or home-based business owner, do you dress for success during your business hours?

  4. System for Branding – What’s your WOW factor? Businesses with strong brand identifies launch “wow” rockets into the success zone.  What’s your message behind the business? What experience/feeling are you attempting to get your prospective clients to buy into?Do you have an elevator speech?  Can you express your idea or image of your specific product or service that consumers connect can with in the time it takes to ride from the bottom to the top floor of an elevator?

    Do you practice it often?  Have you identified ways to include in your conversations seamlessly?  When I was in direct sales, there was a saying your business is open when your mouth is open.  Make a goal daily of how many people you will share your elevator speech with and perfect it.

  5. System for Compensation – How much of your income will you use to compensate yourself?  Your employees? How much will you invest to inspire and reward right performance and behavior for yourself and your team? Remember there are non-monetary ways to compensate yourself, your team, and your loyal clients; be creative.
  6. System for Motivation – This one is HUGE! The failure to do things to the finish is the number one reason for failure in business.  How will you stay motivate to ensure you finish what you start?The next top reason for failure is fear of rejection. How will you stay motivated to keep going in the face of rejection? Being sensitive to rejection can leave many of people crippled in their business endeavor.  In order to be successful, one must learn to keep rejection impersonal. Remember every no moves you closer to the yes.  And the next person knows nothing about the previous rejection.  Keep going.

    Last but not least, just like we have starters but not finishers, we have people who simply allow fear to paralyze them and they never get started.  Have a system to get you to take action and to fall in love with the process.  Remember focus on the actions and the results will come.

  7. System for Charity – How will you give back to your community?  There are so many benefits to charitable giving such as positive branding, gaining customer support, connection and networking, free publicity, and a good feeling.   Mahatma Ghandi said it best…“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” And as the timeless book of wisdom proclaims….“Give and it shall be given unto you.”

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