Create An Emotional Blueprint

How will you feel once you have what you want? Do you know most of the time we are clueless what feelings we’re after when we desire something? Our manifesting tip of the day is to create an emotional blueprint for whatever it is you’re deeply desiring.

As Hicks often says we all want something because of how it will make us feel. So what does having what you want going to make you feel? Sit with your journal and brainstorm what feelings you’re expecting to get in return for achieving your desired goal.

Once you have your list of feelings then pick the top three desired feelings. Let’s say it’s passion, adventure, and fun. Then think of different things you can do each day to infuse your day with those feelings.

Why? Because Law of Attraction says like attracts like. And feelings are our honing signal which activates the Law of Attraction to draw experiences, people, things, and circumstances to us. When you’re doing your daily visualization remember to focus on seeing yourself feeling these feelings. Include them in your scripts and actually allow yourself to feel the feelings as you’re imagining having what you desire.

Let’s say your emotional blueprint for wanting a relationship is because you believe it will bring you feelings of passion, adventure, and freedom and it’s not right here right now for the taking then go out and do other things to generate these feelings and the Universe will deliver you more and more experiences to add to those feelings. And then you’ll look up and notice that the one you deeply desire is there beside you sharing in the passion, adventure, and fun with you.

Why? Because Law of Attraction states “that which is like unto itself is drawn”. Try it! Create your emotional blueprint for your desire today.

Cheers! ♥♥♥

Be Intentional!

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I love when the Universe provides me with confirmation that I am being guided in a certain direction.  It all started yesterday with a conversation with a good friend who was sharing her affirmations and how her intent to manifest was progressing.  I love it when someone has a catch phrase that stands out and sticks with me.

I had a serious ah-ha moment when she shared with me one of her affirmations.  She shared with me her affirmation was “I am a winner.  I win all kinds of things like sweepstakes, gift cards, lotteries, contests, etc.”  She went on to share with me how her manifestations were proving that her affirmations were working such as she had won free concert tickets by dialing into a radio show.  She further explained that she was able to get through to the radio station to win the tickets for two with her first call.

Additionally, she shared how she had won $15 from scratch offs which she never plays because  you immediately find out if you’ve won or not.  She was very enthusiastic as she recounted how life was dealing her a winning hand from different avenues.  Needless to say it also had me enthusiastic by the time I ended my call with her.

Unfortunately, overnight I slipped back into old habits and didn’t do anything intentional to carry these good feelings and thoughts over into the next day.  However, as I mentioned earlier I love it when the Universe gives me confirmation.  Today I decided to start back listening to two Hick’s audios on YouTube.  The one I listened to today reinforced this concept about being intentional and not slipping into the habit of allowing life to tell me how to think and feel and what to believe.

Abraham gave this affirmation to one of the participants and I absolutely loved it….“I’m going to be known as the good feeling girl because everywhere I go people around me that come into my vibrational vicinity will feel my positive vibration.  My vibration is dominating, my vibration is dominating, my vibration is dominating!  I am a powerful, creative, and invincible being with pure positive energy flowing from me.  I’m flying high because I choose to!”

I got goosebumps just listening to it.  Just imagine how one’s life would changed if a person affirmed this day in and day out.  The reinforced messaged I received from the Universe today is to be intentional!  I’ve marked off the next 28 days to be intentional about who I want to become, what I want to have, and what I want to do.  How about you?  Will you be intentional too?  What will be your affirmation of intent?

Cheers! ♥♥♥