Your Happiness is Up to You

Don’t give away your personal power by mistakenly believing you’re a victim of your circumstances.

If any area of your life isn’t how you want it to be then the vibes of joy and happiness are change activators on steroids to get you more of what you want.

Choose happiness and then change either your perspective and/or your procedure and become optimistic about the Power you have to change your circumstances.

Your circumstances may not change overnight but you do have the power to change your disposition immediately. Expand your happiness consciousness.

Feel the Power!ūüí™

Woohoo! A new year, a new month, a new challenge!!! Who’s doing this challenge with me starting January 1st? If you’re all in on Feel the Power challenge… post #feelthepower2018 in the comments below.ūüĎá

Get a New Mental Picture of Yourself

Today’s I Declare daily message reminds us that it’s easy to give up on our dreams. However, we must resist the urge to talk ourselves out of our dreams just because the “how” isn’t readily known to us.

Hurry and fear will instantly cut our connection with the Universal Mind; Hence, we will receive no power, no wisdom, and no information to help us actualize our dreams until we are calm.

Fear turns strength to weakness. The calm and balanced mind is the strong and great mind. The hurried and agitated mind is the weak one. Whatever you habitually think yourself to be, is that which you become.

It is the habitual, not periodical thought that decides your destiny. Dreamcember challenges us to use prayer and affirmations to change the habit of thought.

This month commit to cultivating the habit of consistently repeating the new thought of yourself aka your 2018 dream until it is the ONLY way in which you think of yourself.

Get a new mental picture of yourself. Repeat over and over the THOUGHT of your own power and ability until the things you desire are brought to you.

What Does Your Mind See?


It begins in the mind.  The trouble with those of us who have not achieved our desired outcome and have not done what we can and ought to do is because we lack faith.  Our mental attitude is the cause of our trouble and the reason we have missed our mark.

There is no gimmick, no philosophy, no power in the Universe that can help me to do a thing when I think I can’t do. ¬†And until I believe I can do it, it will remain undone. Before we can win in life we must believe in our power to win. ¬†This my friends is much easier said than done. ¬†Mainly because most of us avoid accepting responsibility for where we are in relation to the outcome we desire is mostly due to what our minds have been trained to see by us.

In order to achieve the outcome we desire, we must be confident in our expectations of achieving it, vigorous in our faith in ourselves, our divine creator, our skills and abilities. Lack of faith is the supreme cause of failure Рlack of achieving our aim, our desired outcome.  We can never get further than our faith in ourselves.

The size of our faith indicates the size of the cables which connects us to our Maker.  The more faith we have the stronger, wider, and more durable are our cables making the capacity to receive divine ideas, favor, connections, endurance greater and greater. It is through faith we tap into the very source of life and begin to thrive, expand, and grow.  It is the key which unlocks the door to unlimited power.

What we impress upon our subconscious self, our estimate of our ability, our talent, our initiative, is what we will express in life, and is what we will re-present not only to ourselves but to others.  In other words, whatever we have trained our minds to see is what will be reproduced in our lives on every level.

When we train our minds to see our desired outcomes, we essentially are cultivating faith. Faith will enable us to transform impossible to possible. ¬†Even when others cry “impossible” the man/woman supported by faith persists, and achieves their desired outcome. ¬†Faith does not think or guess, it knows for it sees the way out.

Aneta Cruz says “Your mind is your greatest power, use it well.” ¬†How are you using your greatest power? ¬†Are you training it to see that you possess¬†your desired outcome? ¬†Imagination is the scissors of the mind ever cutting and trimming until the desired lifestyle emerges. ¬†It is the part of the mind that needs to be trained in order to build our muscles of faith.

When you become grounded in faith, mental monsters will have no power over you, because your positive, affirmative mental attitude will bar them from your mind.  You will be strong through the consciousness of the God within you.  When a person realizes their kinship with the great creative Power, they cannot be anything other than positive, forceful, radiant, self-reliant, a conqueror of that which would otherwise drag him back or hold him down.  All the forces in the universe combine to help them reach their goal.

Train your mind to see the outcome you desire and have faith.




Love Yo’Self Diva!


All of our relationships mirror our primary relationship with ourselves. ¬†We give our best to our parents, our spouses, our friends, our children, our jobs, and our communities. ¬†Now it’s time to give the best to ourselves. ¬†I created a Love Yo’Self Diva! challenge for February in my private Facebook group. ¬†And we’re all set to start today as our day 1.

This challenge is power packed and I believe when one commits to doing each of the daily activities that February will be a very productive month in which you’ll be left feeling more ¬†cheerful, inspired, confident, and poised to make 2017 your best year ever! ¬†While this challenge is geared towards the ladies. ¬†It certainly will prove beneficial to my male followers as well.

If you’re interested in participating in challenge then follow choosing4me¬†on Pinterest. ¬†The details of the challenge can be found on the board entitled “Love Yo’Self Diva!” It’s never too late to start so if it’s late in the month still tune in and jump in on whichever day you’re ready to start.

Remember that our relationship with ourselves sets the tone for all of our other relationships.  So join me in giving your best to you because you of all people deserve your love and your best the most.  Cheers! ♥♥♥

How Will You Make Every Minute Count?

Happy Make Every Minute Count Monday!!!! It’s time to rise and shine beautiful people! Let’s power start our day by declaring our intentions.
How do you intend to feel?  How do you intend to make yourself happy today? How do you intend to adjust everything to your own desires?  How do you intend to strengthen your mind?  
How do you intend to do a secret good deed?  How do you intend to be agreeable today? How do you intend to relax today?  How do you intend to live through just this day only and not tackle your whole life problems at once?  How do you intend to be unafraid? 
How do you intend to have a plan for today – are you willing to write down what you expect to do every hour to eliminate two pests…. hurry and indecision? 
Declare your intentions and run your day and don’t let your day run you! Make every minute count!

Lessons from It Works

I read a book last year entitled “It Works” by RHJ. ¬†It was a really good read and I did practice for a few days what was recommended in the book and then fell off the wagon. ¬†While tidying up my room, I came across the book ¬†again. ¬†And was reminded of the lessons I learned from this book.

As many new thought authors, he too promotes the premise “If you KNOW what you WANT you can HAVE IT”. ¬†It’s a very short book and ¬†I found it to be very encouraging and it definitely charged my batteries and help me to be optimistic when I employed the three practices suggested by the author.

We’ve heard it time and time again that if we can train our waking mind (the mind we use each day) also referred to as the objective mind or conscious mind to decide definitely upon the things or conditions we desire, then that’s the first significant step toward getting what we want.

However from my studies we have to train it in such a way that it sends subtle, non-resistant thoughts to our subjective mind or sub-conscious mind to accept and believe it is true and to go to work on our behalf to draw these things to us.  Most authors concur that somehow someway there is an inner part of man that rendezvous with a powerful energy that is capable and willing to orchestrate on our behalf to bring to us every earnest desire of our objective mind.

However, if we only do it occasionally, half-heartedly, and/or oscillate in our thinking then we do not form a perfect connection or communication with this omnipotent powerful energy.  We must earnestly, sincerely, and honestly desire certain conditions or things whether it is mental, physical, or spiritual.

I believe this is the most challenging part to keep our waking minds focused and locked in on the target.  It has such a tendency to vacillate which only serves to water down our intentions to mere wishes and renders this wonderful, capable power impotent to function on our behalf.

If you are earnest about changing your present conditions, here are  some lessons I learned from this book that I encourage you to employ to aid in the actualization of your dreams:

  1. Decide what you want – this sounds much easier than it is. ¬†To me deciding means you’re willing to make it a priority in regards to your attention. ¬†In other words you’re willing to devote the time to focus on what you want in a positive way. ¬†I’ve discovered that I put forth a very distinct effort and energy when I earnestly want something versus a like to have.
  2. Make a list – write¬†a list of the things you desire and prioritize them by order of importance to you. ¬†And commit to reading it morning, noon, and night and give no direct thought as to how it will come to pass. ¬†Instead tune into your intuition so that you will recognize when you’re inspired to act.
  3. Think of it often Рthroughout your day think often of what it is you desire and engage your imagination to form a picture of the desired outcome.  Most importantly keep it positive and do not allow negative thoughts to creep in.
  4. Keep it private Рdo not talk to others about your plan.  Keep your plans/desires between you and the great power within you that communicates and connects with the higher omnipotent power.  As mention in lesson 2, this higher power will unfold to your objective mind the method of accomplishment.  The trick is to let it guide you instead of trying to tell it how it must be accomplished.

I don’t know about you but I’m going to do this at least until the end of the month and see what happens. ¬†I like conducting experiments to see what works and what doesn’t. ¬†I think it will be a good companion for my “Be Intentional” challenge this month. ¬†What do you think? ¬†Will you try it too?

Yes! You Can Choose Your Mood


Contrary to popular belief….Yes! ¬†You can choose your mood no matter what. ¬†I remember my first reaction to Tony Robbins when he indicated that we choose our moods. ¬†I was like yeah right I choose my moods/emotions. ¬†I don’t know what he is talking about so and so pissed me off or that person annoys me. ¬†We give people waaaaaay to much credit for how we feel…both good and bad.

No person, situation and/or circumstance can cause us to feel a certain way. ¬†We choose each and every day, intentionally or unintentionally, what mood we’re going to be in. ¬†I resisted this knowledge for so long because I didn’t want to take full responsibility for my emotional landscape. ¬†And at the end of the day I rendered myself a victim who was powerless and over-reactive. ¬† All because I wanted to avoid the responsibility for my own mood.

For the last 3-4 months, I have been deliberately and consciously practicing to intentionally choose my mood no matter what.  Words cannot express how much better I feel overall and how much more clarity and focus I have experienced each day.  I refuse to give my personal power away like I used to do repeatedly in the past.  Our dominant thoughts control our emotions/moods.

When we change our dominant thoughts our mood changes. ¬†Just like the cartoon indicates overthinking is a surefire way to land us in a bad mood. ¬†Another thing I noticed too is that when I would overthink things and start speculating and personalizing other people’s actions as being intentionally directed against me, ¬†that it would definitely trigger me to start feeling some type of way.

I’ve learned the hard way that it’s really best for me stay out of other people’s hea because I really have no way of knowing their true motivations unless they shared them with me. ¬†Thought energy is our most valuable resource. ¬†We can choose to spend it or invest it.

In my opinion, we spend it whenever we choose to go to the automatic negative and spiral ourselves into a bad mood because we have nothing to show for our thought energy except attracting more things into our experience to worsen our bad mood.  We invest it whenever we choose to focus on the things we want, giving the benefit of the doubt, and expecting the best from others because we will attract more things into our experience to add to our good mood.

At the end of the day, this is truly what law of attraction is about…the energy we put out will attract like energy. ¬†Put out bad mood energy and attract more bad mood energy. ¬†Put out good mood energy and attract more good mood energy. ¬†Abraham Hicks promotes setting your intention for the day when it comes to your emotions/moods.

I have conducted several experiments with this concept and it works. ¬†Try it for the next 30 days. ¬†Keep a note pad by your bedside and first thing in the morning when you arise decide which five emotions you choose to feel throughout the day and list five things you plan to do that day to ensure you’re in a good mood.

For example, “Today it is my dominant intention to feel energetic, loving, optimistic, cheerful, and playful. I will do the following to make me feel good today: 1 – go for a 15 minute walk, 2 – take a long hot bubble bath by candlelight, 3 – listen to upbeat music for an hour, 4 – send a thinking of you card to a friend or family member, 5 – meditate”.

Keep a mood journal for 30 days.  In this journal record your dominant intention first thing in the morning and how you intend to make yourself feel good.  Then rate yourself in the evening on a scale of 1-10 on how well you did in achieving your goal and any notable insights/observations concerning how your day went.

Life is what we make it and Yes!  You can choose your mood.  So why not choose a good one!

Cheers ‚ô•‚ô•‚ô•

Recognizing the Other Person’s Reality


Understanding our reality versus the other person’s reality can really help us in achieving our goals in life. ¬†Far too often we make the mistake of judging and seeing things only from our reality aka perspective. ¬†When we lack the ability to recognize the other person’s reality we tend to misstep and/or misjudge a situation. ¬†Additionally, we tend to either interpret situations as being personal and/or intentional.

When in actuality as Tony Robbins says “We are all just trying to get our needs met and really aren’t too focused on the other guy at all”. ¬†And I have found this to be very true. ¬†We’re quick to label others as selfish and lack seeing when we too are motivated by selfish reasons.

One of the best ways to cultivate the habit of recognizing the other person’s reality is to pause for the cause and take a moment to step back from the situation at hand and ask ourselves “how can I connect with this person?”, “what reality would match this person’s behavior?”, “why would a sane, rational, reasonable person be acting this way?”, “when I look at this person’s behavior, what objective might this person be trying to accomplish”.

It’s amazing how much easier we can connect with others when we practice taking a 360 degree look at things to attempt to understand what reality another person is entertaining and then developing a plan of action to influence the other person based on what their needs are at the moment.

Not only is it important to recognize the other’s person reality. ¬†It’s even more important to recognize our own. ¬†For instance, your reality is “I need a label for my relationship with the guy I’m interested in.” ¬†His reality is “I could give a rat’s ass about getting involved in another committed relationship with another overly demanding woman.” ¬†So it’s all about them and their need to avoid feeling put upon and/or responsible for someone else’s emotions.

Unfortunately in a situation like this, more times than not a woman will try to force the issue based on her reality and feel entitled to a “labeled” relationship because all the things she’s done to invest in the relationship and/or the time invested in it. ¬† However, would you want to do something of your own free will or force? ¬†In situations like this a better approach would be to find a way to apply Dale Carnegie’s quote…”arouse in the other person an eager want.”

And, to do this we must first recognize the other person’s reality and then leverage it by using effective negotiation and persuasive skills. ¬†In sales it’s called “WIIFM – What’s In It For Me?” ¬†Once you determine that then you can subtly begin to win them over to your reality.