8 thoughts on “Success Stories

  1. The past year and half has been a trying year for me, but I feel like the universe sent me a guardian angel in Angelyn. Her guidance, support, patience, accepting nature and lack of judgment made me comfortable confiding my hopes, fears and dreams to her. She not only inspired and motivated me, but she helped give me inner strength to persevere through my goals and aspirations.

    She has provided me with resources, ideas, and inspirational anecdotes which have changed my thinking patterns for the better and kept me grounded, especially in my times of struggles. Every time I felt hope was lost and thought my dreams may be unachievable, she renewed my faith and courage and her words completely changed my perspective for the better, attributing to my accomplishing many goals.

    Angelyn is always very thorough and her responses are diligent and well thought out – really conveying the amount she invests in and cares for the lives of others. Her altruistic nature is why part of why I have continued trusting her guidance for over a year since I first made contact with her.

    I will always be grateful to Angelyn who has literally changed my life and whose support in achieving my desires and rooting for my accomplishments has helped me achieve success.
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Angelyn – much love and forever grateful,

    With appreciation,
    Sara H., Ontario, Canada


  2. The past few years I have been in a time of great transition…. more responsibility at home, at work and my life has been on a constant roller coaster.

    Super emotional and somewhat awkward …. was how I would’ve described myself. This could have proved to be detrimental to my family, my career, my life. Many times situations kept me immobile and inactive.If it hadn’t been for Angelyn, I am not sure that I would have made it through some very tough times in my life. She supported me through new jobs, a new baby and very rough emotional times.

    She has this innate ability to take even the most stressful situation and break it down to give you a different perspective. Her words of wisdom, faith, and inspiration have permeated to every area of my life. She has helped me to learn to be confident and assertive enough to tackle even the most tough situations. She has taught me the benefits of positive thinking and how it transforms into positive feeling.

    For the first time of a lifetime of feeling overly emotional, awkward, unloved, and unwanted… I feel that I’m okay. No more seeking validation outside. She has taught me to look inwardly because I have the right stuff.

    What a transition this has been! Possibilities are endless!

    Angelyn is a life changer! She took this wounded soul and connected me to my best self. Because of her I have grown immensely and look forward to all that I can offer this life! I am a better person today because God placed her in my life!

    Kenya W, Stockbridge, GA


  3. Meeting Angelyn was the best thing for my life! I felt stuck in several areas of my life… I just opened my coaching business, I was relationship challenged, and I only saw black and white. After speaking with Angelyn, she was able to shift my energy for the greater good. Angelyn’s method and unconventional way of thinking allowed me to take a hard look at myself. My sessions also allowed me to see more gray. I am eager to continue my developmental sessions with Angelyn, as she has shown me how I am eNergyNmotioN!


  4. Angelyn has been very helpful at helping me look at situations in my life in a different manner. My son has her to thank for being a member of class of 2015. She encouraged me to reconsider the hard stances I had taken in reaction to choices/lack of choices that my son made. She has also been instrumental in providing and sharing information that let me know I could make lifestyle changes that previously I would have never considered. She skillfully presented options in a manner that made me realize healthier choices were possible. I am evolving because of her.

    Thank you Angelyn!


  5. I have been blessed to have known Angelyn since 1994. She has assisted me through several relationships and I value our friendship to the fullest. She is not only great friend but a wonderful counselor. She is like a sister to me and has helped put things in perspective several times when I couldn’t figure it out.Angelyn thanks for everything from the bottom of my heart. Steph


  6. There’s a reason she’s called angelyn! She’s an angel! I was going through a very difficult time in my life where this step-back real knocked me to the ground. I was in a dark place but angelyn gave me a positive outlook on life. She gave me hope and strength when I needed it most through her guidance and wisdom.

    She took her time to reach out to me and really listen and talk to me. She acknowledged my emotions and helped me sort through them and understand why I was feeling the way I was. Defeated and powerless

    She taught me to focus on the positive in light of all the negative I saw. She asked me what I wanted in my life and focus on that.

    Broken and defeated I wrote it down and used the meditations she provided me. it was the first time in months I was able to sleep peacefully. I was struggling in my classes because of my breakup after 8 years and I couldn’t focus. I was going to quit school from the pain.

    Today, I passed all the classes I was failing. I’m halfway to getting my doctorate. Something I would have quit five months. Quit on my dream.

    What I wanted and wrote down manifested itself. More importantly, I’m alive.

    When you feel like your whole world is turned upside down, she’ll show you the power is inside you. It’s you! You control your world. Your emotion. Your life. Thank you angelyn!

    Every victory I accomplish I share with you!

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  7. If you need someone to ask you the right question to make me think, to get out of your own head. Call on Angelyn, she ask the questions, make you look at a situation in a different way. Thank you Angelyn for all you see that we don’t see. Life is great in 2018.


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