Instantly Feel Better Doing This 1 Thing!

The mind is an interesting instrument. It will keep you busy and unproductive whenever you don’t have a definite aim to keep it busy and actively working towards progress, growth, and/or expansion.

It will keep you busy rehashing the past and will beat you down to the ground with past mistakes leave you waddling in self-pity, depression, and/or regret if you allow it to rule you instead of YOU ruling it.

Or it will keep you busy worrying about the future pummeling and burdening you with all the negative what-ifs it can fire at you at any given moment. Leaving you filled with doubt, anxiousness, and paralyzing you with fear.

If you must visit the past, then only go there in your mind to learn and leverage the now to implement what you’ve learned so that you can be productive.

The past is old news. It’s over with gone never to be relived again. So why continue to allow it to keep you busy leaving you with pain, hurt, misgivings, and any other negative emotion?

Focus on right here and right now and give your mind a definite aim to drive towards with passion, enthusiasm and excitement!! Live every day like it’s new year’s day and enjoy the moment called NOW.


Do This to Sleep Better

Religious text admonishes us to not let the sun go down on our wrath. The mental state in which we fall asleep has a powerful, profound influence on our bodies.

Do not go to sleep until you have restored your mental balance, until your mental faculties are poised and your mind serene. It is more important to prepare the mind for sleep than the body. The mental bath is even more necessary than the physical one before bedtime.

Never allow yourself under any circumstances to retire in a discouraged, despondent, gloomy mood, or in a fit of anger. Practice making it a habit to let nothing tempt you to go to sleep with an unkind, critical, jealous thought toward another in your mind.

Make it your dominant intention each night to go to bed with a clean mental slate. Go to bed imagining yourself being the man or woman you long to become, filled with happiness, prosperity, and power. Saturate your mind with pleasant memories and with dreams of great expectations.

Be the master of your mind. Learn to control it, instead of allowing it to control you and torment you especially when it’s time for sweet slumber. Being persistent in preparing the mind for peaceful, healthful, happy, glorious sleep will prolong our lives and our youth.