How Do You See Yourself?

self-image: the idea one has of one’s abilities, appearance, and personality.

What idea do you have of yourself?  Does your idea of your abilities, appearance, and personality match your desired goals?

It all starts within first.  How you see yourself will govern what you say, how you act, and what decisions you make.  Don’t like the result’s you’re getting or not getting?  Don’t like the way other’s see you or treat you? Do you find yourself constantly wondering why is it happening for them and not me?  What do they have that I don’t have?

Then it’s time to take inventory to determine which areas of your life require you to see yourself differently.  It’s not what you are that’s holding you back.  It’s what you think you are not.

See yourself differently and others will see you differently too!

Decide it    •    See it   •    Become it   •    Reflect it

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Do This 1 Thing to Improve Your Circumstances

If you want it then learn to speak the language as if you already have it. Speak positively about and to your situation. Bless it with words of I have until you do!

Begin to become more aware of the words, phrases, and sentences you use when discussing situations in your life. If you wan to transform your financial situations speak and think in terms of increase, abundance, riches, maximums, expansion, growth, opulence, prosperity, wealth, and unlimited opportunity.

Not only do your words reveal the way you think, but they also affect the way you think. If 2018 is going to be your year, then align your thoughts and spoken word to reflect it as if you already have it.

Master Your MOJO!

Master your MOJO and defend your territory.  It’s time to get motivated and get MOVING!  What is MOJO you may ask?

MOJO – a quality that attracts people to you and makes you successful and full of energy.

It’s time to master your MOJO when you need the confidence to achieve your goals.  Life can sometimes rock us to our core and leave us feeling as if we’re victims, helpless, and unable to transform our circumstances into the ones we desire.

Nothing like looking for a job, experiencing a failed relationship, battling with obesity, receiving failing grades, facing rejection, or just encountering setback after setback to feel like we have NOJO – No Options Just Obstacles.

Are you firmly balanced or do you need to gain a more solid footing?  Are you mastering your MOJO or nursing your NOJO? Are you feeling down, discouraged, or disappointed? Then it’s time to master your MOJO and become highly adaptive and relentless in achieving your goals in life.

Here are 5 surefire ways to master your MOJO:

  1. PICTURE WHAT’S POSSIBLE – focus your undivided attention on all the positive possibilities. Imagine all the many different ways how it can work out positively for you.
  2. SWEETEN YOUR STRENGTHS – love what you do well and do it more often.  This helps us to like ourselves and when we like ourselves ….others like us too and want to help us reach our goals.
  3. TAKE TITANIC ACTION – take massive action towards your goals.  Action builds confidence and courage.  Keep taking action until all doubt and fears are dissipated and you like what you do.
  4. CIRCUMVENT YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES – give no thought or energy to current circumstances.  Affirm, affirm, affirm that you can be happy and thrive in any environment. Remember the you are bigger than your circumstances.
  5. TRAIN YOUR BRAIN – Junk in – Junk Out.  Train your brain the procedures necessary to reach your goals and the perspectives necessary to like how you are achieving them.  Magical things happen when preparation meets opportunity.  Train your brain and be prepared.

Your MOJO is a tremendous ALLY.

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Do New Things to Impress Yourself


In this day and age of social media it is easy to get caught up into doing things in order to impress others.  Even to the point we strive for situations that are not meant for us and find ourselves empty and dissatisfied upon achievement of them.  I find this true in particular when it comes to people selecting a significant other.  Often times guided by what looks good on paper or how their potential partner can add and/or improve their material gain. Or mistakenly believe they can fill some hole or missing piece in their lives.

Well enough of that, I wanted to write today about shifting the focus from the outside to the inside as it relates to accolades.  To care more about what we think about ourselves and impressing ourselves.  I think one of the best ways we impress ourselves is when we try something new.  In other words I believe it is through expansion and growth that we impress ourselves the most especially when we master something new.

What I’ve discovered is my joy comes from the inner consciousness and of power and efficiency – not from the applause of the crowds.  The more I stretch my faith by reaching for and desiring to create new things in my life for the sake of growth, expansion, and creative reasons the more I impress myself and the more I impress myself the more joyful, free, cheerful, and confident I become.

He who depends upon the applause of the crowds for his pleasure and satisfaction is a slave.  He will forever be seeking approval and/or affirmation from others who may or may not provide it.  I choose to be a master and impress myself and expect applause from no one but myself and to derive my keenest joy from the approval of the mysterious something within that connects me with Infinite Intelligence/Universe/God.

It’s time for me to try new positive things and embrace people, situations and circumstances which make me stronger, better, and more efficient as an individual. Likewise it’s time for me to release old negative things and release people, situations, and circumstances which leave me feeling weaker, worse, and more sluggish as an individual.

I plan to incorporate a try something new activity each week in my planner to impress myself.  I can hardly wait to see how proud I am of myself at the end of each month this year.  What about you?  Will you try new things to impress yourself?  What new things will you try?

Please let me know.

Look forward to hearing from you….

I Choose to Control the Way I Respond


In any given situation we can react or we can respond.  It took me a long time to recognize the difference.  But I’m finally mastering it.  Whew!  Nevertheless, I have discover the power is in the pause.  Taking just that one moment to pause and think can make the difference between reacting versus responding.

When we react to adverse situations/outcomes, it typically comes from our insecurities or emotional wounds.  More than times than not, at least in my case, when choose to react things do not end favorably for all parties involved.  We either leave ourselves at a disadvantage and/or others.  When we react, it is an automatic kneejerk way of handling things.  I guess that’s why it’s call REact because we tend to do it over and over again until we choose a different way to respond.

I think most of us will agree that life events that leave us feeling like we have no control and/or is causing us to spiral out of control can be the most unsettling.  So how do we challenge ourselves to in controlling the way we respond when face with situations, people, outcomes beyond our control?  I thought you would never asked.

We can do one or more of the following.  By the way this is far from being an exhaustive list so feel free to drop your favorite way you challenge yourself in the comments because I’m all for learning more ways to practice control.  Here’s my short list:

  1. Wake up each day with the determination no matter what happens your number one priority is to feel good no matter what happens in your day.
  2. Reframe the situation in your mind by looking for the seed of benefit.  No matter what situation we are face with there is at least one positive aspect we can cling to and it’s our job to find it and keep giving thanks for it until the positive aspects begin to multiply and they will.
  3. Count our blessings.  Maybe it’s too difficult to find a positive aspect in whatever it is that’s beyond our control.  That’s when we have to count our blessings in  other areas of our lives.  We can give thanks for life itself, our limbs, our organs, our senses, our minds, our family, etc.  I think you get the picture.
  4. On a daily basis catch yourself in the act.  What are you thinking by default?  What are your pet peeves?  What are your do or die rules?  Where are you guilty of black and white thinking? Do you blame others constantly or do you take responsibility for what happens in your life and your outcomes? Are you in control of yourself? do you practice putting yourself in the other fella’s shoes to see how things look from their perspective?  Look for the breadcrumbs to figure out what causes your automatic reactions so that you can start to detect when the triggers are activated and press pause to figure out the best way to respond.
  5. Reflect on the ways you’ve been tripped up in the past and research and discover more win-win ways to handle it in the future.
  6. Learn the art of forgetting.  Sometimes we react because we have rehearsed stories from similar situations from our past which causes us to have extreme reactions whenever we feel we aren’t in control of something.
  7. Learn to let go of a need to control it.  Many times  wanting to be in control is resistance.  Learning to let go means we learn to surrender and understand that whatever is happening will somehow someway lead to our higher good and that it’s just a golden link in our chain.
  8. Imagine things working out in your favor by keeping a positive mindset and affirming a positive outcome and trust that Universe is always orchestrating on your behalf.
  9. Change your focus from what you cannot control to what you can either control or influence.


At the end of the day, it is most certain there will be times when things are out of our control, that’s the time to challenge ourselves on how we will choose to respond.  We always have control over how we choose to  respond.  Pause for the cause and choose to respond.   Remember to share your tips in the comments.  Thanks!

Polish Your Mind

pablo (24)

It seems as if it’s a natural tendency for the mind to want to keep itself busy feverishly jumping from one thing to the next.  Most of us would rather do almost anything rather than spend time in reflection and solitude.  Stephen Covey in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People included  Sharpen the Saw as the 7th Habit.  He outlines it as having a balanced program for self-renewal in the four areas of your life: physical, social/emotional, and spiritual.

The premise being that a woodsman can cut far more wood with less exertion and time with a sharpened saw than with a dull one.  Covey included the following activities for mental renewal: Learning, reading, writing, and teaching. I would like to extend this list and add  reflection to it.  I believe it is a critical part of being able to keep our minds polished and in tip-top shape.

It’s in reflection that we can measure our indicators of success and/or setbacks.   Margaret J Wheatley says “Without reflection we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful.”

It’s in reflection that we can formulate new ways to approach life’s problems.  As Albert Einstein said….”We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Reflection can help us uncover our level of thinking and help us to understand the areas we may need assistance in order to grow.

It’s also in reflection that we better understand our shadow self.  It’s our shadow that so many times trips us up without us even recognizing its role in unwanted feelings, events, and circumstances.  Reflection can reveal to us our hidden fears, insecurities, emotional wounds and afford us the opportunity to heal them.

An unknown author said it quite well…”Self-reflection is a humbling process. It’s essential to find out why you think, say, and do certain things…then better yourself.”  And another unknown author believes that “Unless you learn to face your own shadows, you will continue to see them in others, because the world outside you is only a reflection of the world inside you.”

When we cultivate the habit of polishing our mind with reflection we become our best selves, we become more compassionate, we grow in courage and understanding, and we unleash the power within.  If you tend to jump from one thing to the next with out pausing for the cause, I encourage you to incorporate time to engage in reflection into your schedule.

Cheers! ♥♥♥

I Am Going to Be Okay


Speak to yourself like you would a friend in times of crisis.  One of the first things we say to others in times of crisis is “Everything is going to be okay”.  And then we proceed to point all the good things we can possibly think of for whatever the situation may be.  We need to get in the habit of doing the same for ourselves.

We need to tell ourselves everything is going to be okay and then look for the seed of benefit.  Shakespeare said “Nothing is neither bad or good, but the thinking that makes it so.”  I agree.  I know it’s easier said than done but it really does come down to perception and how we choose to think about anything that is going on at any given point and time in our lives.

Napoleon Hill sage advice was “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” I have found this to be very true.  However, often times we can’t see it while we’re going through.  But if we would just cultivate the habit of stepping back, taking a deep breath, and actively looking for ways/reasons the situation can serve as a benefit to us we might break free from thinking a situation is bad and possibly getting stuck in feeling some type of way.

The next time you feel as if the world is on your shoulders take a deep breath, and say to yourself I’m going to be okay, list all the possible positive outcomes, and then determine where you need to start to turn it around so that you can feel better.   And remember whatever you tell yourself can lift you up or tear you down.  Be kind and gentle with yourself until you’re on the other side of troubled waters.  Remember, I’m going to be okay.


I won’t quit!  I won’t quit!  I won’t quit!  Sometimes it’s not about winning, it is about finishing.  It’s when the urge to quit arises that you need to keep going.  I agree with Donna Hobbs when she said that “The urge to quit is often greater when you are on the brink of victory.”

It is during these times we have to dig deep within ourselves and talk to ourselves and find a way to stick it out.  We have to keep throwing what we can at it until we finish.

When we live a life of incompletes, no one can count on us to stick it out and endure.  Most importantly, we can’t count on ourselves.  Self-trust equals the resolve to do.  We live in a world that is getting more and more comfortable with incompletes.  But not you.

There is a certain pride, victory and self-respect associated with knowing you went all the way to the end.

I was about to quit yet again on my top three goals in life.  I was about to let the circumstances of what I was observing dictate to me yet again what I can and cannot have.

But I read a post on Facebook today that gave me hope, inspiration, encouragement as it relates to one of my goals.  And I took immediate action and am more determined more than ever to defy the urge to quit.  No matter how long it takes I WILL PERSIST UNTIL I FINISH.

I am determined to fight on no matter the circumstances.  Come hell or high water, I intend to taste the victory of finishing!   No more of being weak in spirit and succumbing to the urge to quit.

I have three major goals in mind that I intend to keep moving and keep the faith and endure until I finish.  I encourage you don’t you dare give up on your dream.  Don’t you dare do it!  It may take twice as long but don’t you quit.

Sometimes when we are pursuing our dreams, others have a lot to say about it or don’t say.  Yep!  You know the ones who like to give their silent disapproval.  But it doesn’t matter what others say.

What matters is what you say to yourself.  After all, you will only be defeated by what you say to yourself as it relates to your dreams and aspirations.  You can feel the urge to quit and still NOT quit.

Do you have the wherewithal to finish what you started?  I know I do!  I don’t care how foolish I may look to others because I know what I want and I won’t stop until I finish.  I implore you to defy the urge to quit…..stick it out, keep the faith, keep moving, and persist until you FINISH!

You will be amazed at who you will become in the process as you defy the urge to quit each time you catch the feeling to do so.  KEEP GOING!

4 Surefire Steps to Ramp Up Your Momentum and Power!

Can it really be this easy?  That all I have to do is clearly see the target and let the Universe take care of the details?  It appears to be the case.  The more I delve into the concept of the correlation between my imagination and what I create in my world the more convinced, fascinated and excited I become.

So much so that I am going to devote my entire month of October as an experiment to see what happens.  And let me tell you I’m brimming with optimism.  Which happens to be my theme this month “Optimize your life with an Optimistic October”.  How fitting that I undergird it with this experiment.

WOW!  I’m so cotton pickin’ excited that words cannot express the fullness in my heart and the level of enthusiasm I feel.  Okay okay let me get to the point.  Here is the meat of my Imagination Practice which only includes four steps that I plan to use in my experiment to ramp up my momentum and power.

Materials Needed: 1 Notebook, a target to apply this to (a particular desire)

Time Needed: 30 minutes per day

Process Needed:

  1. Take a pad and write out a brief script, outline, or description of the mental movie you want to construct, experiment with, develop, and/or view in the Theater of the Mind.
  2. Set aside 30 minutes a day, preferably at the same time each day, to find a quiet, private place, relax, close your eyes, enter your Theater to play, edit,  replay your movie.
  3. Gradually “tweak” your movie so that its “start” (you) performs exactly as you desire, and achieves the experience and results you desire.  Strive to arrive at this point within the first 10 days.  (By the 10th of this month)
  4. For the remaining 21 days, play and enjoy the movie repeatedly without any changes.


  • Make these pictures as vivid and detailed as you possibly can.
  • The way to do this is by paying attention to the small details like sights, sounds, objects in your imagined environment.
  • If the imagination is vivid enough and detailed enough, your imagination practice is equivalent to an actual experience, insofar as your nervous system is concerned.
  • See yourself acting and reacting appropriately, successfully, and ideally.
  • You do NOT need to try to have faith if what you are imagining will come true or not.
  • Your nervous system/subconscious/Universe will take care of it in time – if you continue to practice.
  • Just say to yourself, “I am going to imagine myself acting this way now – for 30 minutes a day.”
  • This exercise builds new “memories” or stored data into your midbrain and central nervous system.  It builds a new self image.
  • Have fun with it and enjoy the experiment and record daily any observations of you catching yourself “acting differently” or signs of your outcome manifesting.

Why am I doing this?  Because it doesn’t matter how you describe it: imagination, faith, practice, visualization, mental picturing, or using Maltz’s terminology, Theater of your Mind, countless athletes, entertainers, doctors, lawyers, business leaders, and others before me have experienced enormous benefits by engaging in this practice.

Now I have decided it’s my turn to if my doing it that I too can reap enormous benefits. What do I have to lose by setting aside 30 minutes each day to imagine what I want? Nothing!  What do I have to gain?  What I want most right now in my life.  And I will definitely gain more momentum, personal power and optimism.

Stay tuned….I will exciting news to share at the end of the month!

CHEERS!!! ♥♥♥

Day 3 – Wilderness of Uncertainty

I first heard this term listening to a sermon from TD Jakes.  He said so many of us are stuck in the wilderness of uncertainty paralyzed by fear.   Fear of what others think, fear of looking foolish, fear of success, fear of failure, fear of making the wrong decision, fear of making the wrong choice, etc.

I agree with him when he said that instead of fearing those things that we what we should really be afraid of is living an unexpressed life.  One author coined it as dying with a  unsung song within us.  To not become what we were destined to become, I also believe should be the overriding fear. And, that it should propel us forward to fully express ourselves in this life time.

Mastering uncertainty is one of those easier said than done tasks but the moment we learn to conquer uncertainty I think we discover how to express our soul’s urge to know more, to do more, and be more.  I think we cast away the chains of limitations and penetrate life head on.

Being free from the fear of uncertainty liberates us and helps us to live a life marked by a fuller and richer expression of our divine selves.  The antidote to uncertainty I believe is confidence.  I believe when we become confident that the Universe wants us to have all that we desire and is constantly orchestrating on our behalf to help us become who we want to become, to have what we want to have, and achieve what we want to achieve, it helps to silence our fears borne out of uncertainty.

When we have confidence that someway somehow the dots will connect, that providence will move on our behalf, and that the Universe in its infinite wisdom will open doors for us that no man can close is when the miracles in our lives unfold for us.  I believe when we can train our attention, thoughts, and focus towards only what we want all things are possible to us.

Having said all that I believe there is one caveat and that is our desires should harmonize with the purpose that is in everything.  Meaning that our desires are not simply for our own selfish gratification, to outshine others, to be famous, to satisfy our carnal desires but to fully express our divine self and enjoy a full and rich life.

I believe when we are trapped in the wilderness of uncertainty we quietly live a life of desperation and it depletes us of our life force and drains us of our hopes and aspirations.