Don’t Be Pushed Around!

Don’t be pushed around by your environment. When you allow yourself to be pushed around by your environment you’re constantly reacting and being trained and conditioned by your circumstances. And oftentimes will leave you feeling fatigued by negative emotions such as worry, doubt, regret, anger, anxiety, depression, insecurity, and confusion.

Be the creator of your world and train your environment to respond to your spoken word, your visualizations, your affirmations, and your thought force in general. Then you are responding to your circumstances and empowering yourself with feelings of confidence, enthusiasm, joy, love, appreciation, freedom and so much more!

Your environment encompasses all you see and hear on a regular basis. Remember people are always expressing their views and sharing information with you. I agree with Epictus…“The key is to keep company with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best.”

BEGIN NOW to be more discriminating in what you will and will not accept and/or tolerate in your personal environment and begin to train it by showing better judgment regarding where you go, what you do with your time, and who you do it with.

POWER TIP: Write down the five people you spend the most time with and think about the qualities you share with them, good or bad, spend more time with people who lift you up and distance yourself from those who bring you down.

NEED HELP?  Sometimes your mind just gets the best of you and you constantly find yourself back in the same position of being pushed around by your environment.  I can help you transform your thoughts so that you are equipped with the knowledge necessary to train your environment.  Book your session today!

Instantly Feel Better Doing This 1 Thing!

The mind is an interesting instrument. It will keep you busy and unproductive whenever you don’t have a definite aim to keep it busy and actively working towards progress, growth, and/or expansion.

It will keep you busy rehashing the past and will beat you down to the ground with past mistakes leave you waddling in self-pity, depression, and/or regret if you allow it to rule you instead of YOU ruling it.

Or it will keep you busy worrying about the future pummeling and burdening you with all the negative what-ifs it can fire at you at any given moment. Leaving you filled with doubt, anxiousness, and paralyzing you with fear.

If you must visit the past, then only go there in your mind to learn and leverage the now to implement what you’ve learned so that you can be productive.

The past is old news. It’s over with gone never to be relived again. So why continue to allow it to keep you busy leaving you with pain, hurt, misgivings, and any other negative emotion?

Focus on right here and right now and give your mind a definite aim to drive towards with passion, enthusiasm and excitement!! Live every day like it’s new year’s day and enjoy the moment called NOW.


Yes! You Can Choose Your Mood


Contrary to popular belief….Yes!  You can choose your mood no matter what.  I remember my first reaction to Tony Robbins when he indicated that we choose our moods.  I was like yeah right I choose my moods/emotions.  I don’t know what he is talking about so and so pissed me off or that person annoys me.  We give people waaaaaay to much credit for how we feel…both good and bad.

No person, situation and/or circumstance can cause us to feel a certain way.  We choose each and every day, intentionally or unintentionally, what mood we’re going to be in.  I resisted this knowledge for so long because I didn’t want to take full responsibility for my emotional landscape.  And at the end of the day I rendered myself a victim who was powerless and over-reactive.   All because I wanted to avoid the responsibility for my own mood.

For the last 3-4 months, I have been deliberately and consciously practicing to intentionally choose my mood no matter what.  Words cannot express how much better I feel overall and how much more clarity and focus I have experienced each day.  I refuse to give my personal power away like I used to do repeatedly in the past.  Our dominant thoughts control our emotions/moods.

When we change our dominant thoughts our mood changes.  Just like the cartoon indicates overthinking is a surefire way to land us in a bad mood.  Another thing I noticed too is that when I would overthink things and start speculating and personalizing other people’s actions as being intentionally directed against me,  that it would definitely trigger me to start feeling some type of way.

I’ve learned the hard way that it’s really best for me stay out of other people’s hea because I really have no way of knowing their true motivations unless they shared them with me.  Thought energy is our most valuable resource.  We can choose to spend it or invest it.

In my opinion, we spend it whenever we choose to go to the automatic negative and spiral ourselves into a bad mood because we have nothing to show for our thought energy except attracting more things into our experience to worsen our bad mood.  We invest it whenever we choose to focus on the things we want, giving the benefit of the doubt, and expecting the best from others because we will attract more things into our experience to add to our good mood.

At the end of the day, this is truly what law of attraction is about…the energy we put out will attract like energy.  Put out bad mood energy and attract more bad mood energy.  Put out good mood energy and attract more good mood energy.  Abraham Hicks promotes setting your intention for the day when it comes to your emotions/moods.

I have conducted several experiments with this concept and it works.  Try it for the next 30 days.  Keep a note pad by your bedside and first thing in the morning when you arise decide which five emotions you choose to feel throughout the day and list five things you plan to do that day to ensure you’re in a good mood.

For example, “Today it is my dominant intention to feel energetic, loving, optimistic, cheerful, and playful. I will do the following to make me feel good today: 1 – go for a 15 minute walk, 2 – take a long hot bubble bath by candlelight, 3 – listen to upbeat music for an hour, 4 – send a thinking of you card to a friend or family member, 5 – meditate”.

Keep a mood journal for 30 days.  In this journal record your dominant intention first thing in the morning and how you intend to make yourself feel good.  Then rate yourself in the evening on a scale of 1-10 on how well you did in achieving your goal and any notable insights/observations concerning how your day went.

Life is what we make it and Yes!  You can choose your mood.  So why not choose a good one!

Cheers ♥♥♥