Lessons from It Works

I read a book last year entitled “It Works” by RHJ.  It was a really good read and I did practice for a few days what was recommended in the book and then fell off the wagon.  While tidying up my room, I came across the book  again.  And was reminded of the lessons I learned from this book.

As many new thought authors, he too promotes the premise “If you KNOW what you WANT you can HAVE IT”.  It’s a very short book and  I found it to be very encouraging and it definitely charged my batteries and help me to be optimistic when I employed the three practices suggested by the author.

We’ve heard it time and time again that if we can train our waking mind (the mind we use each day) also referred to as the objective mind or conscious mind to decide definitely upon the things or conditions we desire, then that’s the first significant step toward getting what we want.

However from my studies we have to train it in such a way that it sends subtle, non-resistant thoughts to our subjective mind or sub-conscious mind to accept and believe it is true and to go to work on our behalf to draw these things to us.  Most authors concur that somehow someway there is an inner part of man that rendezvous with a powerful energy that is capable and willing to orchestrate on our behalf to bring to us every earnest desire of our objective mind.

However, if we only do it occasionally, half-heartedly, and/or oscillate in our thinking then we do not form a perfect connection or communication with this omnipotent powerful energy.  We must earnestly, sincerely, and honestly desire certain conditions or things whether it is mental, physical, or spiritual.

I believe this is the most challenging part to keep our waking minds focused and locked in on the target.  It has such a tendency to vacillate which only serves to water down our intentions to mere wishes and renders this wonderful, capable power impotent to function on our behalf.

If you are earnest about changing your present conditions, here are  some lessons I learned from this book that I encourage you to employ to aid in the actualization of your dreams:

  1. Decide what you want – this sounds much easier than it is.  To me deciding means you’re willing to make it a priority in regards to your attention.  In other words you’re willing to devote the time to focus on what you want in a positive way.  I’ve discovered that I put forth a very distinct effort and energy when I earnestly want something versus a like to have.
  2. Make a list – write a list of the things you desire and prioritize them by order of importance to you.  And commit to reading it morning, noon, and night and give no direct thought as to how it will come to pass.  Instead tune into your intuition so that you will recognize when you’re inspired to act.
  3. Think of it often – throughout your day think often of what it is you desire and engage your imagination to form a picture of the desired outcome.  Most importantly keep it positive and do not allow negative thoughts to creep in.
  4. Keep it private – do not talk to others about your plan.  Keep your plans/desires between you and the great power within you that communicates and connects with the higher omnipotent power.  As mention in lesson 2, this higher power will unfold to your objective mind the method of accomplishment.  The trick is to let it guide you instead of trying to tell it how it must be accomplished.

I don’t know about you but I’m going to do this at least until the end of the month and see what happens.  I like conducting experiments to see what works and what doesn’t.  I think it will be a good companion for my “Be Intentional” challenge this month.  What do you think?  Will you try it too?

Discipline Begets Discipline


It is amazing how when we set an intention and follow through and become disciplined with just one thing how it influences us to incrementally become more and more disciplined in other areas of our lives as well.

I don’t know about you but I tend to either run high on discipline or I backslide into lazy mode and can’t seem to get myself to follow through on anything.  Consequently, the latter state destroys my  self-trust, self-confidence, and will power.  The more I say I’m going to do something and don’t follow through the more I doubt myself.

Self-trust definitely is the resolve to do.  It’s challenging to make changes particularly in an area that we have gotten sloppy and lazy in.  For me that’s weight management, I’ve carried this excess weight for so long, I was starting to accept it and say oh well that’s the way that it is.  But, I deserve better than that from myself.  And I most certainly can and will do better.

A sound mind deserves a sound body and vice versa.  I finally have gotten myself unstuck. I chose five things that no matter what this month that I will be intentional in completing them.  And what I have noticed is that the discipline exerted for those five things has now extended and I’m finding myself being disciplined in other areas as well.

Here are five tips for getting unstuck:

  1. Challenged yourself – not only did I challenge myself but  I also invited the other ladies in my facebook group to join me.  I challenged myself  by choosing five things that I will do without fail each and every day during the month of January.  You don’t have to make this a big item.  It can be something as simple as make your bed, drink at least 2 liters of water, walk for 15 minutes each day, meditate for 15 minutes, say/write an affirmation, do one pushup, keep a hotspot cleaned (you know that place where you put one piece of paper or an item of clothing an it becomes a magnet for other stuff).
  2. Get an accountability partner – I’m blessed to have accountability partners in my choosing4me FB group.  I love it because it’s exciting to hear how others are following through with their challenge to themselves and to receive/give encouragement when  the mind wants to say no I’ve had enough of this discipline thing.
  3. Write it down and review it daily – I write a checklist each day of my five things and check them off at the end of each day. Again it’s amazing how being discipline with the simplest things will spread into other areas.
  4. Imagine the outcome – picture how different your life will be after being disciplined with at least one thing each day.  If you can find pictures of what the outcome would look like that’s all the better.
  5. Celebrate your progress – remember this is not about being perfect and doing it all without fail.  It’s about progress and doing it more times than not.  It’s about cultivating consistency, building self-trust, and creating positive momentum. I like weekly celebrations versus waiting until the end.  I shall celebrate with an hour massage at the end of this week and I’m soooooo looking forward to it too.

Self-care feels good and when we’re discipline and we keep agreements with ourselves and regularly give ourselves love and attention, it really is a recipe for harmony, ease, confidence, love, success, freedom, and happiness.

Cheers! ❤ ❤ ❤

See the Vision – and HUSTLE!


Alright!  Alright! Alright!  The long awaited year 2017 is here. So what are you gonna do about it?  Things don’t magically change because the calendar changed from December 31st to January 1st. In order for our lives to change something has to change in our everyday life.

Have you decided what needs to change in your everyday life?  Is it your vision, your hustle, or both?  I love the concepts of Law of Attraction, believe it and you will see it, be grateful and more will come your way, feel good to attract the things you want in your life, act as if, vision boards and the who enchilada.

But we must realize without hustle there is no vision.  Biblical wisdom teaches us that “Faith without works is dead”.  Yep that’s right it is not going to magically fall from the sky into our laps.  We’re going to have to get up and get it! get it! if we want make it happen for us.  If we really have 20/20 vision for our goals then we should be able to see ourselves successful and taking action becomes relatively easy.

We’ve all heard that we have to be patient and that it takes time to actualize our dreams.  This “calmly wait” aka patience idea has been misunderstood by many.  Being patient/calmly waiting has more to do with our mental attitude than sitting around idling waiting for the Universal microwave to serve us our desires piping hot.

Our mental attitude should be that of calm, confident expectation, while at the same time both our mind and body are busily and actively engaged in work.  In other words, we should expect the best and hustle, hustle, hustle.  We must realize that success is a composite of our thoughts, feelings, and action.

The more we hustle the more results we see.  Let me highlight that all action is not hustle.  We can be busy little beavers and not be productive because we are busy being busy with no aim or purpose.  Hustle means you’ve identified the income producing, growth, results-driven activities necessary to make your vision come true and that you are actively and consistently applying these actions towards your goals.

I encourage you in 2017 to identify the daily income producing, growth, results-driven activities that support your 2017 Vision and then HUSTLE! Need help?  Sometimes we need a mentor to help us cultivate the plan and/or hold us accountable.  I can help you.

The first five people who email me “I’m ready to hustle” at askangelyn@gmail.com will win a 30 minute complimentary mentoring session to help you See the Vision and Hustle in 2017.  Will it be you?

Cheers! ♥♥♥

My 2017 Releases


We hear so much about new year’s resolution.  Each year we get excited about the incoming new year and proclaim “This is going to be my year!”  To only come to December 31st and lament the year didn’t treat us well.  I’ve discovered part of the resolution process is releasing.

We’re really good at proclaiming our resolution without considering what do we need to release in order to make our resolutions come to life.  Hence the adage “Out with the old and in with the new.”  Far too often we want to create the new using the outdated thoughts and remnants from the old.  Knowing that old ways won’t open new doors.

For instance, weight loss…a favorite resolution we like to embrace each year right?  I’m going to work out more, I’m going to eat within my caloric range, etc.  But what about the release side of it?  What about  releasing emotional eating?  What about releasing laziness?  What about releasing negative self image?

Or I will grow my business this year….double my income…expand my audience?  What do we need to release in order to make that happen?  Maybe we need to release fear?  Or maybe we need to release the misconception that any of this will make us happy.  Maybe we should focus on releasing indecision, worry, fear, resentments, old flames, disappointments, old hurts, poor self image, distractions, or unnecessary mental chatter.

If 2016 didn’t teach me anything else, it taught me that faith power is an important part of personal power.  It taught me that the worse feeling in the world is to be separated from my own power.  It taught me to appreciate the now and that staying present is the only way for me to leverage my personal power.

So I’ve decided that in 2017, I’m willing to release searching for happiness outside of myself and learn to get in touch with that Something Within that Silent Force that seems to know far better than I what’s best for the development of the general plan or desired one held by me.  I’m willing to trust this invisible partner and its skills and its desires to see me win.

I’m willing to release the habit of assigning negative meanings to setbacks that seem like failures.  I’m willing to trust that later on I will see them as the best thing that could have happened to me at the time.

I’m willing to release living in the past and/or the future.  I’m willing to practice giving the present my undivided attention because I know that all my power is in the now.  And, that presence is the only way that I can create.

I’m willing to release all limited beliefs that creates/promotes a poor self image within myself. I’m willing to re-educate my mind so that it might reproduce in itself the efficient activities to create/promote a positive, healthy, strong and vigorous self image.

I’m willing to release who I think I am and the limitations of personality/ego.  I’m willing to surrender my ego and be transformed by Universal Love and Infinite Intelligence.

I’m willing to release all of my fears and embrace expansion, growth, and unlimited possibilities.

I’m willing to release all thoughts, things, people, situations, habits, and/or circumstances that do not serve my highest purpose and good in 2017.  I’m willing to express my authentic self and share my gifts, talents, and abilities as much as I possibly can in 2017.

Yes! You Can Choose Your Mood


Contrary to popular belief….Yes!  You can choose your mood no matter what.  I remember my first reaction to Tony Robbins when he indicated that we choose our moods.  I was like yeah right I choose my moods/emotions.  I don’t know what he is talking about so and so pissed me off or that person annoys me.  We give people waaaaaay to much credit for how we feel…both good and bad.

No person, situation and/or circumstance can cause us to feel a certain way.  We choose each and every day, intentionally or unintentionally, what mood we’re going to be in.  I resisted this knowledge for so long because I didn’t want to take full responsibility for my emotional landscape.  And at the end of the day I rendered myself a victim who was powerless and over-reactive.   All because I wanted to avoid the responsibility for my own mood.

For the last 3-4 months, I have been deliberately and consciously practicing to intentionally choose my mood no matter what.  Words cannot express how much better I feel overall and how much more clarity and focus I have experienced each day.  I refuse to give my personal power away like I used to do repeatedly in the past.  Our dominant thoughts control our emotions/moods.

When we change our dominant thoughts our mood changes.  Just like the cartoon indicates overthinking is a surefire way to land us in a bad mood.  Another thing I noticed too is that when I would overthink things and start speculating and personalizing other people’s actions as being intentionally directed against me,  that it would definitely trigger me to start feeling some type of way.

I’ve learned the hard way that it’s really best for me stay out of other people’s hea because I really have no way of knowing their true motivations unless they shared them with me.  Thought energy is our most valuable resource.  We can choose to spend it or invest it.

In my opinion, we spend it whenever we choose to go to the automatic negative and spiral ourselves into a bad mood because we have nothing to show for our thought energy except attracting more things into our experience to worsen our bad mood.  We invest it whenever we choose to focus on the things we want, giving the benefit of the doubt, and expecting the best from others because we will attract more things into our experience to add to our good mood.

At the end of the day, this is truly what law of attraction is about…the energy we put out will attract like energy.  Put out bad mood energy and attract more bad mood energy.  Put out good mood energy and attract more good mood energy.  Abraham Hicks promotes setting your intention for the day when it comes to your emotions/moods.

I have conducted several experiments with this concept and it works.  Try it for the next 30 days.  Keep a note pad by your bedside and first thing in the morning when you arise decide which five emotions you choose to feel throughout the day and list five things you plan to do that day to ensure you’re in a good mood.

For example, “Today it is my dominant intention to feel energetic, loving, optimistic, cheerful, and playful. I will do the following to make me feel good today: 1 – go for a 15 minute walk, 2 – take a long hot bubble bath by candlelight, 3 – listen to upbeat music for an hour, 4 – send a thinking of you card to a friend or family member, 5 – meditate”.

Keep a mood journal for 30 days.  In this journal record your dominant intention first thing in the morning and how you intend to make yourself feel good.  Then rate yourself in the evening on a scale of 1-10 on how well you did in achieving your goal and any notable insights/observations concerning how your day went.

Life is what we make it and Yes!  You can choose your mood.  So why not choose a good one!

Cheers ♥♥♥

I Create My Own Motivation


It’s hard to believe we only have 147 days left in this year.  I’m left wandering where did all the time go?  And, how far off the mark I am with several of my 2016 goals.  Today I had to have a pep talk with  myself and remind myself that I create my own motivation!  Not sure what I have been waiting on to propel me into action when all I need is within myself.

Goals are the quickest and most reliable way to keep ourselves motivated.  However, it’s not enough just to create the goals.  We must also cultivate a doable plan of action to reach the goals that we set for ourselves.  And then break them down into daily goals.  What goals do you have for yourself for 2016?  Are you on track to reach them?  If not, what are you waiting for?  We have 147 days, 21 weeks, 4 months and 25 days to make it happen.

I decided to do the following five things to create my own motivation for my highest goal that I want to achieve by December 31, 2016:

  • Set a measurable goal

My top goal for the remainder of this year is to lose 30 – 40 lbs.  I took my body measurements, weighed myself, and took photos of my current state.  Each month I intend to lose 8 to 10 lbs each month in order to reach my overall goal.Created multiple indicators of success

  • Create multiple indicators of success

I won’t solely rely on the scale to indicate success. This is how we trip ourselves up when we decide that there is only one factor that indicates success.  Instead I will look for and record non-scale victories such as more room in my clothes, increased energy, increased endurance, reduced inches, feeling healthier, better moods, positive feedback/compliments from others,easier to make better and healthier choices, being more positive, increased physical abilities.

  • Cultivated a daily action plan to help me reach my goal

My daily action plan will include but is not limited to the following: consume 3 liters of water per day, consume 3 fruits daily, consume 3 veggies daily, consume daily minimum requirement of fiber, listen to/read something positive/uplifting daily, track my food consumption and activity level using Sparkpeople, check in with my accountability partner(s) daily, and exercise for an hour at least five days per week.

  • Developed a way to track my progress

I will use my Nike app on my phone to track my performance level each time I go for a run/walk and use Sparkpeople to track my caloric expenditures each time I exercise.  I will also use Sparkpeople to track my caloric intake.  I will weigh myself weekly.  Measure myself monthly.  And try on this one outfit I want to get back into weekly. 🙂

  • Elicit accountability partners

I have two friends who have committed to keeping me accountable to my goals.

What is the one major goal you want to accomplish before year’s end?  I’m sure these five steps will help you to create your own motivation and keep you on track to reaching them.  Here’s to creating our own motivation and staying on track to reach our goals by December 31, 2016!

Cheers! ♥♥♥

Choose to Follow Through


It’s so easy for us to lie to ourselves and not keep promises that we make to ourselves.  I just restarted doing the magical practices from the book The Magic by Rhonda Byrne.  And I almost skipped doing today’s practice which by the way is only day 4. However, I pushed through and I did it.  Yet if someone else were to tell me they were going to do something for me and they broke their promise repeatedly, I know that I would feel some type of way.

It’s time for me to do better because each time I tell myself that I’m going to do something and then don’t follow thru….I erode my self-trust and my self-confidence.  When we resolve to do a thing and then we do it without fail, we feel at our best.  We trust ourselves  and when we trust ourselves we feel good and are willing to tackle more things.

So no more of this haphazardly saying I will do better and then not following through.  This week I resolve to take better care of my well-being and my health.  Health is our greatest asset and I was reminded today from today’s magical practice to be thankful for health.  And it has inspired me to take it up a notch and commit to eating for fuel not flavor, moving my body, and being extra picky about feeling good.

How about you?  Do you need to work on this area too?  Do you need to commit to choose to follow through?

Do Not Let a Setback Stop You!


One thing that is inherent on the path to reaching our goals are setbacks.  We must learn to accept that it is not always going to be smooth sailing on the path to reaching our goals.  And the way we handle our setbacks will not only determine if we are successful in reaching our goals but also how quickly we obtain them.

It seems the greater the desire to reach a goal the more intense the emotional distress we feel when we encounter a setback.   And the more apt we are to take our eyes off the goal and dwell on the setback itself.  I think part of the reason we do this is because we have the tendency to believe there is one set path to our goals and we hang our success on it happening that one way.

Take for instance weight loss, most people hang their success on the scale saying they lost weight instead of looking for and celebrating other clues that success is imminent.  I think the most powerful thing we can do is to learn to recognize, measure, and celebrate progress.

Take the example of weight loss again, if we encounter a setback on the scale and that’s our only measure of success then there is a high chance we are going to feel some type of way.  And it won’t be in the family of encouraged, determined, motivated, or optimistic.  However, if we had other measures of success then we would be more apt to keep setbacks in proper perspective.

Do you have a goal that you are working towards?  Have you encountered setbacks?  Have they left you feeling some type of way?  Rest assured a frantic, anxious, worried mind won’t give you the get up and go you need to increase your momentum towards your goals.  I encouraged you to come up with at least three measures of success to help you realize that you are on track towards meeting your goals.

Additionally, I want you to write a list of all the improvements and/or progress you have made since working towards your goal.  Then I want you to release any preconceived notions of ….it has to be in exactly this way for it to be a success.

A very well known quote says “Obstacles are what we see when we take our eyes off the goal.”  Lastly, I want to encourage you to focus all the more on the goal whenever you encounter a setback.  The more you’re able to concentrate on what it is that you want to accomplish with a calm and untroubled mind the more pathways to success will emerge and it will be easier for you to practice gratitude on how far you have come along your path to success.

I implore you….Do not let a setback stop you!  Stop, readjust, re-calibrate, regroup, review, reassess,  relax, release, reformulate, and restart.  Confident expectation of a desired outcome is the most potent means of bringing it to fruition.  KEEP GOING!

Cheers! ♥♥♥



I won’t quit!  I won’t quit!  I won’t quit!  Sometimes it’s not about winning, it is about finishing.  It’s when the urge to quit arises that you need to keep going.  I agree with Donna Hobbs when she said that “The urge to quit is often greater when you are on the brink of victory.”

It is during these times we have to dig deep within ourselves and talk to ourselves and find a way to stick it out.  We have to keep throwing what we can at it until we finish.

When we live a life of incompletes, no one can count on us to stick it out and endure.  Most importantly, we can’t count on ourselves.  Self-trust equals the resolve to do.  We live in a world that is getting more and more comfortable with incompletes.  But not you.

There is a certain pride, victory and self-respect associated with knowing you went all the way to the end.

I was about to quit yet again on my top three goals in life.  I was about to let the circumstances of what I was observing dictate to me yet again what I can and cannot have.

But I read a post on Facebook today that gave me hope, inspiration, encouragement as it relates to one of my goals.  And I took immediate action and am more determined more than ever to defy the urge to quit.  No matter how long it takes I WILL PERSIST UNTIL I FINISH.

I am determined to fight on no matter the circumstances.  Come hell or high water, I intend to taste the victory of finishing!   No more of being weak in spirit and succumbing to the urge to quit.

I have three major goals in mind that I intend to keep moving and keep the faith and endure until I finish.  I encourage you don’t you dare give up on your dream.  Don’t you dare do it!  It may take twice as long but don’t you quit.

Sometimes when we are pursuing our dreams, others have a lot to say about it or don’t say.  Yep!  You know the ones who like to give their silent disapproval.  But it doesn’t matter what others say.

What matters is what you say to yourself.  After all, you will only be defeated by what you say to yourself as it relates to your dreams and aspirations.  You can feel the urge to quit and still NOT quit.

Do you have the wherewithal to finish what you started?  I know I do!  I don’t care how foolish I may look to others because I know what I want and I won’t stop until I finish.  I implore you to defy the urge to quit…..stick it out, keep the faith, keep moving, and persist until you FINISH!

You will be amazed at who you will become in the process as you defy the urge to quit each time you catch the feeling to do so.  KEEP GOING!

What Needs to Change?


Are you getting the results you desire in your life?  We greet each new year with fervor and the anticipation that things will change in our lives.   We eagerly declare this year will be MY year.  How’s it working for you?  Is 2015 shaping up to be all that you had wished for? Have you achieved or are you on track to achieving your goals?

If not, all hope is not lost.  We still have 94 days to make it happen or to pave the way for it to happen early 2016.  But in order for that to happen something must change in our day-to-day routine.  What needs to change in yours?  What can you tweak that you do day-in and day-out that will move you closer to what it is that you desire?

I don’t know about you but I haven’t lost the weight I intended.  As a matter of fact, I gained.  I don’t have a better paying job that is stimulating, engaging, and fulfilling.  I don’t have the new ridiculously amazing relationship I wanted.  I don’t have my new business off the ground and running.  And the list goes on.

After experiencing a major setback with something I deeply desire on yesterday and balling my eyes out about it, I decided ENOUGH is a F*CKING ENOUGH!!!!  I declared to myself something has got to change and I need to let go of all the bullshit excuses for why it’s not happening for me.

Want to know what I decided?  I decided the MAIN thing that needed to change in my day-to-day routine was the use of my imagination.  HA!  Got you didn’t I?  I know that wasn’t what you were expecting but it occurred to me that I wasn’t deliberately harnessing my imagination.

Webster defines imagination as the act or power of forming a mental image of something not present to the senses or never before wholly perceived in reality.  Many thought leaders contend that if you can imagine something, you can achieve it.  So, I’ve decided ENOUGH is ENOUGH and that I will change my daily habits over the next 94 days.

How will I do that?  By deciding what I want, ignoring the facts (things that are present to my senses) and be faithful to diligently harnessing my imagination to live in the state as though I have what I want.  And by taking whatever actions daily that spring forth from my imaginal acts to move me towards what it is I desire.

I encourage you to revisit the goals/desires/wishes/hopes you had coming into the year 2015 and then make the commitment to change something in your daily routine over the next 94 days to make it happen for you.  Remember to write the vision and make it plain.

Cheers! ♥♥♥