Get a New Mental Picture of Yourself

Today’s I Declare daily message reminds us that it’s easy to give up on our dreams. However, we must resist the urge to talk ourselves out of our dreams just because the “how” isn’t readily known to us.

Hurry and fear will instantly cut our connection with the Universal Mind; Hence, we will receive no power, no wisdom, and no information to help us actualize our dreams until we are calm.

Fear turns strength to weakness. The calm and balanced mind is the strong and great mind. The hurried and agitated mind is the weak one. Whatever you habitually think yourself to be, is that which you become.

It is the habitual, not periodical thought that decides your destiny. Dreamcember challenges us to use prayer and affirmations to change the habit of thought.

This month commit to cultivating the habit of consistently repeating the new thought of yourself aka your 2018 dream until it is the ONLY way in which you think of yourself.

Get a new mental picture of yourself. Repeat over and over the THOUGHT of your own power and ability until the things you desire are brought to you.

Turn on the Power in You

You are a POWER HOUSE.  There is a principle of Power in you, according to Wallace D Wattles, in which you can use and apply in a certain way and overcome all “obstacles” and master all circumstances and conditions and become a great and powerful personality.

In order to do this you must use every gadget within your grasp:

  • Health is Power
  • Books are Power
  • Self-will is Power
  • Imagination is Power
  • Meditation is Power
  • Reason is Power
  • Love is Power
  • Gratitude is Power
  • Prayer is Power
  • Kindness is Power
  • Relationships are Power
  • Faith is Power


No one can exhaust the unlimited, innumerable possibilities of POWER within him.  This Power is the basic fact of the Universe.  There is hardly anything you want that you cannot have if you arouse yourself out of inertia and turn on the POWER in you!

That which enslaves us all and causes so many failures in life is mental and physical laziness aka inertia.  The Power which is in you, is also in the things around you and when you begin to arouse yourself out of inertia,  things will  begin to arrange themselves for your advantage.

Our monthly challenge Dreamcember is an excellent time to arouse yourself out of inertia and turn on the POWER in you because it’s never too late to be what you might of been.  Follow Choosing4me FB page daily to participate in the Dreamcember challenge.


What Might You Have Been?

It’s so hard to believe that we’re rounding into the last month of the year.  I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted but my life has been in a constant state of positive transformations the past few months.  I will post about it later.

Today I wanted to formally invite you to join our monthly challenge that my FB group Sisters On A Rise (SOAR) will be doing during the month of December.  It’s going to be a fun and exciting challenge and you’ll be so glad you did.

It’s time to make our dreams come true.    To prepare for the challenge you’ll need to watch this video and purchase I Declare by Joel Osteen.  See image for the guidelines of the Dreamcember challenge.  Then decide what’s the single most dream you want to achieve in 2018 and write it down on an index card.

We start December 1st!!!  So excited about this challenge and you will be too.

Cheers! ❤ ❤ ❤


I Choose to Challenge My Limits


WOW!  It is so hard to believe we are in the home stretch quarter of 2016.  Remember all those new year’s resolutions and/or goals?  How have you performed?  I pulled my list out and I’m not quite where I want to be as far as achieving my 2016 goals.  Therefore, I’m going to push beyond the limits and take things into overdrive this last quarter of 2016.  December 31, 2016 will not come and go without me reaching my top five goals I set for myself.

I choose to challenge my limits this last quarter of the year in a way that I never have before.  Jean-Jacques Rousseau proclaimed “The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.”  Sages of all times have chimed in and agreed that we are only limited by our minds and that our imagination is limitless.

I don’t know about you but I’m ready to create “THE” life for me with all the things in it that I deeply desire.  I’ve been really observing myself for the last couple of months and others and I noticed that we have so many limits we erect in so many areas of our lives that we’re really unaware of how many we have and how we allow them to control us and our lives.

Additionally, I noticed that there are a lot of unwritten rules that if we’re not careful will limit us in unthinkable ways.  Where am I going with all this?  I’m saying all this to say challenge the limits in your life.  Examine your life and see where you have erected limits either consciously or unconsciously and then start to challenge them.

How can you challenge them? By asking questions, questions, questions!  For instance, let’s say you are in sales and you’ve unconsciously decided that it’s going to be challenging for you to either earn the money you want each month and/or the current promotion in your company.  Then instead of making declarations, start asking questions.

Such as how can I earn xyz by the end of the month?  Or how can I earn this year’s promotions?  How can I increase my knowledge base?  In what ways can I increase my efforts?  Who would love my products?  Why should people join my sales team? Where can I set up informational tables?  What knowledge do I need to increase my profitability?  How do I need to change my day to day habits/actions to support my goals?

When you ask questions instead of making declarations you give your subconscious mind a chance to help you solve your challenges/problems.  Thus helping you to not only challenge your limits but to surpass them.  Don’t believe me?  Try it.  First write down at least 5 things you want to achieve by December 31, 2016.

And then invest 15 minutes daily with pen and paper and start asking yourself as many Who, Why, How, Where, When, What questions as you possibly can to find solutions to reach a goal that either seemed out of reach or challenging to achieve.

Remember, you need to actively spend 15 minutes each day with your goal(s) asking questions and then writing the answers as they come to you.  Join me and choose to challenge your limits and build the life you’ve always dreamt of!  Will you choose to challenge your limits?


I won’t quit!  I won’t quit!  I won’t quit!  Sometimes it’s not about winning, it is about finishing.  It’s when the urge to quit arises that you need to keep going.  I agree with Donna Hobbs when she said that “The urge to quit is often greater when you are on the brink of victory.”

It is during these times we have to dig deep within ourselves and talk to ourselves and find a way to stick it out.  We have to keep throwing what we can at it until we finish.

When we live a life of incompletes, no one can count on us to stick it out and endure.  Most importantly, we can’t count on ourselves.  Self-trust equals the resolve to do.  We live in a world that is getting more and more comfortable with incompletes.  But not you.

There is a certain pride, victory and self-respect associated with knowing you went all the way to the end.

I was about to quit yet again on my top three goals in life.  I was about to let the circumstances of what I was observing dictate to me yet again what I can and cannot have.

But I read a post on Facebook today that gave me hope, inspiration, encouragement as it relates to one of my goals.  And I took immediate action and am more determined more than ever to defy the urge to quit.  No matter how long it takes I WILL PERSIST UNTIL I FINISH.

I am determined to fight on no matter the circumstances.  Come hell or high water, I intend to taste the victory of finishing!   No more of being weak in spirit and succumbing to the urge to quit.

I have three major goals in mind that I intend to keep moving and keep the faith and endure until I finish.  I encourage you don’t you dare give up on your dream.  Don’t you dare do it!  It may take twice as long but don’t you quit.

Sometimes when we are pursuing our dreams, others have a lot to say about it or don’t say.  Yep!  You know the ones who like to give their silent disapproval.  But it doesn’t matter what others say.

What matters is what you say to yourself.  After all, you will only be defeated by what you say to yourself as it relates to your dreams and aspirations.  You can feel the urge to quit and still NOT quit.

Do you have the wherewithal to finish what you started?  I know I do!  I don’t care how foolish I may look to others because I know what I want and I won’t stop until I finish.  I implore you to defy the urge to quit…..stick it out, keep the faith, keep moving, and persist until you FINISH!

You will be amazed at who you will become in the process as you defy the urge to quit each time you catch the feeling to do so.  KEEP GOING!

4 Surefire Steps to Ramp Up Your Momentum and Power!

Can it really be this easy?  That all I have to do is clearly see the target and let the Universe take care of the details?  It appears to be the case.  The more I delve into the concept of the correlation between my imagination and what I create in my world the more convinced, fascinated and excited I become.

So much so that I am going to devote my entire month of October as an experiment to see what happens.  And let me tell you I’m brimming with optimism.  Which happens to be my theme this month “Optimize your life with an Optimistic October”.  How fitting that I undergird it with this experiment.

WOW!  I’m so cotton pickin’ excited that words cannot express the fullness in my heart and the level of enthusiasm I feel.  Okay okay let me get to the point.  Here is the meat of my Imagination Practice which only includes four steps that I plan to use in my experiment to ramp up my momentum and power.

Materials Needed: 1 Notebook, a target to apply this to (a particular desire)

Time Needed: 30 minutes per day

Process Needed:

  1. Take a pad and write out a brief script, outline, or description of the mental movie you want to construct, experiment with, develop, and/or view in the Theater of the Mind.
  2. Set aside 30 minutes a day, preferably at the same time each day, to find a quiet, private place, relax, close your eyes, enter your Theater to play, edit,  replay your movie.
  3. Gradually “tweak” your movie so that its “start” (you) performs exactly as you desire, and achieves the experience and results you desire.  Strive to arrive at this point within the first 10 days.  (By the 10th of this month)
  4. For the remaining 21 days, play and enjoy the movie repeatedly without any changes.


  • Make these pictures as vivid and detailed as you possibly can.
  • The way to do this is by paying attention to the small details like sights, sounds, objects in your imagined environment.
  • If the imagination is vivid enough and detailed enough, your imagination practice is equivalent to an actual experience, insofar as your nervous system is concerned.
  • See yourself acting and reacting appropriately, successfully, and ideally.
  • You do NOT need to try to have faith if what you are imagining will come true or not.
  • Your nervous system/subconscious/Universe will take care of it in time – if you continue to practice.
  • Just say to yourself, “I am going to imagine myself acting this way now – for 30 minutes a day.”
  • This exercise builds new “memories” or stored data into your midbrain and central nervous system.  It builds a new self image.
  • Have fun with it and enjoy the experiment and record daily any observations of you catching yourself “acting differently” or signs of your outcome manifesting.

Why am I doing this?  Because it doesn’t matter how you describe it: imagination, faith, practice, visualization, mental picturing, or using Maltz’s terminology, Theater of your Mind, countless athletes, entertainers, doctors, lawyers, business leaders, and others before me have experienced enormous benefits by engaging in this practice.

Now I have decided it’s my turn to if my doing it that I too can reap enormous benefits. What do I have to lose by setting aside 30 minutes each day to imagine what I want? Nothing!  What do I have to gain?  What I want most right now in my life.  And I will definitely gain more momentum, personal power and optimism.

Stay tuned….I will exciting news to share at the end of the month!

CHEERS!!! ♥♥♥

Day 38 – How to Get the Results You Want

what you wantLack of confidence and too much effort are the fundamental reasons for failure.   Many people fall prey to failure because they lack the understanding of their subconscious mind.  We gain a great measure of confidence when we understand how our mind works.

We must remember whenever your subconscious mind accepts and idea, it immediately begins to execute it.  It uses all its powerful resources and activates all the mental and spiritual laws of our deeper mind.  This hold true for good or bad ideas.

Consequently, if we use it negatively, it brings trouble, failure, and confusion.  However, when we use it constructively, it brings guidance, freedom, and peace of mind.  The right answer is inevitable when our thoughts are positive, constructive, and loving.

The only thing we have to do in order to overcome failure and get the results we want is to get our subconscious to accept our idea or request  by feeling the reality of it now and the law of our minds will do the rest.  Turn over our requests with faith and confidence and our subconscious  will take over and find an answer for us.

Our failure to get results often times come from entertaining contrary thoughts such as “Things are getting worse.”  “I see no way out.” “It is hopeless.” “I don’t know what to do.” “I’m all mixed up.” With statements like these, we’ll get no cooperation from our subconscious mind.  Like a car in neutral, we won’t go forward or backward.  In other words, we won’t get anywhere.

It’s like getting in a taxi and giving the driver half dozen different directions in five minutes. He would become hopelessly confused and probably refuse to drive us anywhere.  It is the same when working with our subconscious mind.  There must be a clear cut idea in our minds.  We must make a definite decision that there is a way out, a solution for the results we desire.  Only the infinite intelligence within our subconscious mind knows the answer.

When we come to that clear cut decision in our conscious mind, our mind is then made up, and according to our belief it will be done unto us and we will get the results we want.

Day 37 – Until NOT When…..

How many times have we heard and/or said “I will believe it when I see it.”  Well, scratch that.  No more buying into that type of thinking for me.  From now on, it will be “I will believe it UNTIL I see it!” It will be  UNTIL not when going forward.  Beliefs are nothing more than  thoughts we have accepted as true.  And, I’m 100% convinced we accept them as true because we have repeatedly told ourselves the same thoughts until we materialized the hard evidence in our physical realities to confirm our ingrained thoughts.  Thus accepting them as true.

Don’t believe me listen to people.  I mean really listen to people.  And, hear how they argue for their limitations.  For a bonus activity, listen to yourself.  Sadly more often than not most of us do this.  Listen to how deeply ingrained these limited beliefs are and how these thoughts materialize into hard evidence for us over and over again.  I had an overall enjoyable evening out with a friend.  Her lament is always about how there are no good men out here, how men don’t speak, how men do this or don’t that, blah, blah, blah, blah.

You can definitely tell there is an unwritten belief that she will believe there are good men out here who are available to her when she sees it.  Boink!  Wrong answer because it’s not going to happen.  As long as she holds on to those type of beliefs for dear life there will be no when I see it.  And, no matter how much I try to convince her she has to change her beliefs first, she simply will not believe me and will argue for her relationships limitations even more fervently.

I can see it so clearly now.  I have read much about Law of Attraction, Deliberate Creation, and Law of Allowing.  I have listened to countless audios on how to make changes and create the life you desire.  I have read and listened to countless interviews of people who have defied the odds to achieve huge success.  But as I said in Day 36 post…it seemed as if faith was something random..either you have it or you don’t.

Not anymore.  I believe the great folks who have unlocked the magic formula forgot to share the real ingredient….which is believe it UNTIL you see it!  That’s where the real juice and driving force behind manifesting.  So in the case of my girlfriend, she needs to change her stinking thinking to “there are plenty of good men who I’m capable of having a long lasting, rewarding, and satisfying relationship with” and override the limited beliefs she has concocted in her mind.

If it’s financial freedom.  Then one would need to repeatedly say until it becomes reality that God/Universe is abundant and there is plenty of money to be had by all including me.  The same person would benefit greatly by naming the amount they would like to receive and go to bed each night counting their thousand dollar bills over and over and over again until they drift off to sleep.  Another practice to help believe it until they saw it would be to start connecting with the things the money would buy them.

If it’s a brand new shiny car, then they need to go and test drive it.  Research the insurance, maintenance costs, and tag fees so they know exactly the amount they need and going thru the exact motions as if they are actually purchasing it.  God/Universe has infinite resources and it’s about time we embrace this knowledge.  Jesus was a perfect example of demonstrating the concept of believing it UNTIL you see it.  He believed he could walk on water so he did.  He believed he could turn water into wine so he did.  He believed that he could heal the sick so he did.  He believed he could multiply the loaves and fish so he did. He believed he could raise the dead so he did.

He believed that he had access to the abundance, infinite intelligence, and the transformative powers that belong to God/Universe.  He also knew in order to activate it that unwavering belief was needed.  Therefore, there will be no more excuses for me.  I am now convicted that joy comes from within.  I am now convinced that no person, thing, or place will make me happy.  I am not convinced that I have the power to create the life I want that is congruent with my internal bliss by believing it UNTIL I see.

It took me 37 days of practicing manifesting to have this ah-ha moment.  Therefore, I’m going to extend my challenge another 40 days to practice believing it UNTIL I see it.  I invite you to join me in practicing believing it UNTIL you see it.  One fair warning…be prepared because I believe it will happen so fast that it will make your head spin.  Things will come together so quickly that you will nothing short of amazed.  Be prepared to receive your abundance.  Cheers!

Day 29 – Today Could be the Day!

don't quitToday could be the day!  Don’t give up the day before the miracle happens.  So often when we don’t see immediate results, we want to quit.  We are conditioned to be such a microwave generation.  We’ve lost the art of patiently waiting.  We want what we want and we want it right now.  I wonder how many times have we quit the moment right before the miracle would’ve happened.

We need to learn to live in the end.  Well let me speak for myself at least I do.  I have learned a lot over the past 29 days while focusing on manifesting my deepest desires.  Some days I feel down right frustrated and want to say “stop looking like an idiot don’t you see it’s just not happening for you?”  And, then I have to stop and ask myself “and just how am I looking like an idiot when most folks don’t even know I’m practicing living from my end or for that matter what my deepest desire i?”

It’s so easy to talk about having faith but the application of having faith is a totally different ball game.  I discovered that it was easy for me to have so-called “faith”  when I was given some type of “sign” and/or “appearance” that my desires were on its way to unfolding.  But, struggled terribly within myself on days where it seems like absolutely nothing at all was happening in my favor OR “appeared” to going in the total opposite direction.

It isn’t faith if we must rely on any of our five physical senses in order to believe.  Faith is believing when there isn’t one sign of it happening in sight or when it seems like the total opposite is happening.  I think that is what the past 29 days have really been about for me having faith. It is challenging to go to bed each night and rehearse the script of living in the end after not receiving one iota of physical data to support it’s on the way.

One night I had convinced myself it’s no use just give up.  But I have learned  when those moments hit, it’s no longer faith I am exercising, instead I have let go of faith and have formed an attachment.  Attachments can kill your dreams.  Attachments can be to how it will happen, when it will happen, where it will happen, etc.  Attachments make me feel anxious, impatient, impetuous, angry, discouraged, despondent, defeated, foolish, etc.

Attachments cause me to concoct all kinds of scenarios to take hasty action in an attempt to force what I want to happen.  But, none of that is faith.  Also, I’ve noticed attachment says I’ve got to have it right now, I need it to make me happy, or life will be good when.  Whew!  All I can tell you is attachments can make you feel like you’re going insane.  And, it can drive me stark raving mad too if I allowed this runaway train to continue.

However, the biggest lesson I have learned the past 29 days is this…. either I can rule my mind or my mind will rule me.  I have learned beyond the shadow of the doubt that it is imperative for me to take possession of my mind and discipline, train, and direct it to focus on the end goal.  Each time I reel it back in and take dominion over my thoughts the happier and freer I become.  And, the more real my end goal becomes to me.

And, the more real it becomes to me the more I start to see tiny evidences that my desire is about to unfold.  Faith truly will help us to call forth the seen from the unseen.   When given the opportunity, it will prove to us time and time again that all things are possible to him who believes.  I am learning how to master selecting and entering a desired state in my imagination.  I am cultivating the skill of using all five of my imaginary senses to feel myself right into the wish being fulfilled.

Faith is showing me the way to imagine ahead of any physical evidence and to live as though it were true.  It’s a shame that something so easy, natural, and normal to use in childhood takes so much energy and effort to use in adulthood.  However, I’m re-learning how to use the power of my imagination to activate my faith because I know it will help me to easily and effortlessly go after what I want, to have the courage to ask for what I want, and to take massive steps forward towards my deepest desires.

I will be loyal and faithful to my dreams because today could be the day!  I invite you to join me in being loyal and faithful to yours too!



Day 24 – Sell Yourself First!


self yourself 1Can’t stress it enough times if we want to win in life we have to win in our own minds first.  I remember when I was in direct sales and the largest part of our profit margin was in recruiting.  My first full year I avoided recruiting and only wanted to sell the product.  I didn’t see recruiting at that time as selling our profit program.  And, I didn’t see anyone wanting to join the company with me and I thought I was taking advantage of folks by recruiting them because others would make a profit off their sales including me.  Needless to say, I didn’t recruit anyone the first year.

However, each year our company would offer us a chance to earn an all-expense paid trip during the first three months of the year.  Going into my second year with the company the trip was to Cancun to stay at an all-inclusive resort called “Moon Palace”.  Well I had a red hot burning desire to go BUT the caveat was I had to sponsor (recruit) two new people and they had to qualify with $1,200 in sales.

I floundered during my first attempts of sponsoring because I hadn’t sold myself on the idea that others wanted what I was offering… an opportunity to earn money selling the product.  But, I really really wanted to go on this trip it had become my burning desire.  Luckily, I read this book called The Aladdin Factor by Jack Canfield and Mark Hanson. This book really helped me to re-frame things and I was able to sell the idea and benefits of sponsoring to myself first.

Once I was sold, I was on fire.  What was the end result?  I sponsored six people more than enough to satisfy the sponsoring requirement to earn the trip.  And, I was promoted to Unit Leader and earned extra points towards a second trip for my husband at the time.  It was exciting and proved to be an intangible learning lesson.  That in order to win in life, I had to win in my own mind first.

I used the sheer power of faith to earn that trip.  I put up a sign of my affirmation everywhere on my ceiling, in my car, the refrigerator, the kitchen cabinets, my bathroom mirror.  I still remember what it said too….”I am joyfully receiving 36,000 points and promoting to Unit Leader by April 1, 2001 to enjoy an all inclusive vacation in Cancun.”  People chuckled when they got in my car and saw it plastered on both doors but I didn’t care.  I was  on a mission and wasn’t accepting defeat.

I was featured in our company magazine and I gained the cooperation of others and found favor in their eyes.  Today I am reminded that in order to win in life I have to win in my mind first.  I caught myself falling into the trap of preparing for the worst right here on the eve of my deepest desire coming true.  Instead of being filled with anticipation, eagerness, excitement, and enthusiasm, I allowed my mind to run wild.  I need to regain possession of my mind.  I must redirect and command it towards my goal.  I’m too close to allow undisciplined and sloppy thinking.

One of the greatest gifts we have been bestowed in life is free will.  Free will means we have complete control over our minds.  We can choose to think and believe whatever we want to think and believe. I choose to exercise that free will and believe that the more I direct and control my mind to see my desires unfolding and others fully cooperating with me the more I will enjoy the riches and reward of this life time.

Declaring our aim, adopting our aim, believing our aim, and going to work on our aim are the keys to unlocking what we want.  But we must sell ourselves first.  And, once we are sold, selling others is a cinch!