Faith is Not Optional….It’s Necessary!

Grow in faith regardless of what you see or hear. Faith separates knowledge from wisdom. You can be the most knowledgeable and intellectual person who’s the best choice for whatever and lack faith and not go very far. It’s the one with wisdom that transcends all barriers and becomes great.
Why? Because they depend upon mindsight not hindsight or eyesight. They rely solely on their connection to the Divine… their higher power….to lead them and guide them in their endeavors.
They have complete faith that a place has been prepared for them, and that they’re on their way to their promised land, and eagerly await for the way to be made out of no way. Surrendering to divine timing and diligently following through on inspired actions.
Faith isn’t based on circumstances. It’s based on blueprint and Divine guidance. Stop depending on limited self and become great by staying connected to Infinite Intelligence.

Stop Rushing Things That Need Time to Grow

Patience is a virtue a wait won’t hurt you. We’ve heard it all before on the subject of patience. I don’t know about you but this has been one of those VERY challenging areas in life for me. But what I am learning is Faith ain’t Faith if it’s not backed with patience.

I’ve heard quotes like patience is not the ability to wait but to keep a good attitude while waiting. But how do I do that when I want it badly and I want it NOW?!? Like right right now. How does one have a good attitude when it feels like their being denied their treasure? Or their necessity like food on the table, roof over their head, or lights on or car paid? Money in their pocket?

How am I supposed to have a good attitude? I’ve learned that some things need time to grow and if I can exercise patience and not attempt to rush it then not only will it be the best/optimal outcome but it will unfold in such a way that all parties involved will benefit resulting in a win/win.

I think the key to having a good attitude lies in entertaining one’s self while they wait. And the best way to do to that is to turn our attention to the things we CAN control such as taking care of our health via diet and exercise, increasing strength and endurance, learning a new subject, gardening, photography, visiting a museum, walks/runs/hikes in nature, connecting with friends/family, de-cluttering our living space, learning a new hobby/trade, mastering a character trait, joining a social group, volunteering, etc.

The list is endless. We need to cultivate the habit of redirecting our attention to enjoyment and fulfillment and before you know it the time has passed and divine timing has answered our prayers and supplications. It is true patience is a virtue and a wait won’t hurt you.

It’s TIME!!!

It’s time to show the world who you are and what you’re capable of achieving.  The way to do that is to keep your mind disciplined to look for the positives and harness and leverage your imagination to propel you towards becoming who you want to be and cultivating the lifestyle you desire.

If your default is instant gratification aka impatience then it’s time to rewire that vibrational response system by engaging in daily assertions of I am statements that reinforce your ability to be patient, trust the process,  and have faith in the Universe’s ability to orchestrate on your behalf.
It’s time to cultivate a full partnership with God/Universe and demolish the limited partnership and/or silent one. As a matter of fact it’s time to defer/ yield all “how” related strategic planning to your FULL partner and strategic “resource” management.
It’s time to be all you were designed to be…. enter into FULL partnership today with God/Universe.  Cheers! ❤

Make Your Vision Clear


One of the best ways to make your vision clear is to have a visual representation of it.  I personally find mind movies to  be more powerful than the traditional vision boards.  What is a mind movie?  It’s a collection of images that represent you having what you want or becoming who you want to be accompanied by a song that gets you in the mood of having your vision come true.

I find it to be most powerful to watch it right before I go to bed at night and then again in the morning before I wake up.  It ends up being like a mini video.  I typically select anywhere from 15-20 images so that it’s no longer than 2 minutes.  It has to be short, sweet, and to the point so that you’ll be inspired to watch it daily.  I use Microsoft Photo Story 3.  But you can google and find the software that best works for you.

If making a mind movie doesn’t fit into your schedule then make an electronic vision board using pinterest or Having the visual images and spending time each day interacting with them activates your mind and gets your subconscious mind busy doing what it does best…attracting, drawing and problem solving.

And the bonus is the visual images redirects your conscious mind from all the checks and balances and keeping it “real” for you. It takes courage to allow yourself to get swept away in enthusiasm and anticipation of your miracle unfolding. But that’s what faith is all about.

Decide what you want and go for what’s yours in this life. Leap outside of your comfort zone. Consult your higher self and get reacquainted with your heart desires. This is an abundant universe and we were created by an omnipotent, illimitable, abundant, resourceful, all-powerful, infinitely intelligent God whose ways are not our ways.

Trust and believe and  power up your imagination and get reconnected to an infinite source of Divine love, ideas, connections, favor, protection, resources, inspiration, etc. That’s where our true happiness lies…being at one with our Divine Creator and having unerring trust that someway somehow it’s all gonna be alright!

Nothing is impossible to him who believes. Make it a powerful imaginative day!!!

Cheers! ♥♥♥

What Does Your Mind See?


It begins in the mind.  The trouble with those of us who have not achieved our desired outcome and have not done what we can and ought to do is because we lack faith.  Our mental attitude is the cause of our trouble and the reason we have missed our mark.

There is no gimmick, no philosophy, no power in the Universe that can help me to do a thing when I think I can’t do.  And until I believe I can do it, it will remain undone. Before we can win in life we must believe in our power to win.  This my friends is much easier said than done.  Mainly because most of us avoid accepting responsibility for where we are in relation to the outcome we desire is mostly due to what our minds have been trained to see by us.

In order to achieve the outcome we desire, we must be confident in our expectations of achieving it, vigorous in our faith in ourselves, our divine creator, our skills and abilities. Lack of faith is the supreme cause of failure – lack of achieving our aim, our desired outcome.  We can never get further than our faith in ourselves.

The size of our faith indicates the size of the cables which connects us to our Maker.  The more faith we have the stronger, wider, and more durable are our cables making the capacity to receive divine ideas, favor, connections, endurance greater and greater. It is through faith we tap into the very source of life and begin to thrive, expand, and grow.  It is the key which unlocks the door to unlimited power.

What we impress upon our subconscious self, our estimate of our ability, our talent, our initiative, is what we will express in life, and is what we will re-present not only to ourselves but to others.  In other words, whatever we have trained our minds to see is what will be reproduced in our lives on every level.

When we train our minds to see our desired outcomes, we essentially are cultivating faith. Faith will enable us to transform impossible to possible.  Even when others cry “impossible” the man/woman supported by faith persists, and achieves their desired outcome.  Faith does not think or guess, it knows for it sees the way out.

Aneta Cruz says “Your mind is your greatest power, use it well.”  How are you using your greatest power?  Are you training it to see that you possess your desired outcome?  Imagination is the scissors of the mind ever cutting and trimming until the desired lifestyle emerges.  It is the part of the mind that needs to be trained in order to build our muscles of faith.

When you become grounded in faith, mental monsters will have no power over you, because your positive, affirmative mental attitude will bar them from your mind.  You will be strong through the consciousness of the God within you.  When a person realizes their kinship with the great creative Power, they cannot be anything other than positive, forceful, radiant, self-reliant, a conqueror of that which would otherwise drag him back or hold him down.  All the forces in the universe combine to help them reach their goal.

Train your mind to see the outcome you desire and have faith.




When, Where, or How Is None of My Business


It’s funny how we pray or ask the Universe for a desire and then continue to meddle in business that is not ours.  When we continue to meddle in the when, where, and/or how our desires will manifest we turn a joyful process into a burden.  Because meddling and worrying about the latter only serves to create resistance.

When we entrust God/Universe to handle the when, where, and how, it leaves us free to receive.  Have you notice how children are experts in doing this?  I suppose that’s why the Bible says that in order to enter into the kingdom of God, we have to become like a child.  Because children have no problem whatsoever in entrusting the when, where, and/or how to their parents.

I also guess this is why the Bible encourages us to “Cast our burdens upon the Lord”.  This act of entrusting God/Universe, allows us to strengthen our faith and to demonstrate that we know that God/Universe is limitless and abundant.  One of my favorite scriptures in the Bible is “Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?”  Again, I’m don’t subscribe to any one religion but I do subscribe to what resonates as true for me.

I’m using this reference only to illustrate that nothing is too hard for God/Universe and its supply is abundant and limitless.  Therefore, when we pray/ask for assistance/make a petition/cast a desire or whatever you want to call it….we need to be a lady or gentleman and step aside and allow Infinite Intelligence to calculate the best course for us.

I find whenever I have difficulty minding my business and staying out of the when, where, and how of it all is when I have mistakenly formed and attachment to the having of it.  Things do not satisfy…things do not make us happy.  And when we avoid attaching our happiness, contentment, or satisfaction to a desired outcome it not only becomes easy to mind our own business but we’re patient as we wait for our manifestation to take form in our material world.

So I’m saying all this to say to those who are waiting on desires to be filled….mind your own business…leave the when, where, how to God/Universe…..focus on feeling good, focus on feeling optimistic, feeling appreciative, feeling joyful, feeling loving, feeling loved, feeling confident and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how quickly you’ll find yourself in your desired state of living.

Cheers! ❤ ❤ ❤

What Has Been Your Practice?


What has been your practice?  Has it been to live a life filled with complexities or do you practice keeping it simple?  I know I have scattered myself in so many different directions in times past and ended up not getting anything done.  Bruce Lee said “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

I believe this is very important in our Thought Life as it relates to focusing our thoughts in order to manifest the things we desire in life.  I liked that Earl Nightingale in the Strangest Secret suggests to focus on the one thing you want for 30 days and to practice giving all your positive energy to the one thought of it’s attainment.

In a book I’m reading the author suggests it too, to practice harnessing thoughts towards the one major desire and to practice silencing all other thoughts that are contrary to the one thing you desire most.  I like what the author had to say about having too many things you’re trying to think about and trying to manifest them all at one time.  He says it dilutes your power when you jump from one subject to the next  or when we’re constantly changing our minds and/or constantly entertaining doubt, worry, fear as it relates to the attainment of what we desire most.

I decided to put the pedal to the medal and to adopt this habit keeping it simple and practicing the one thought from now to the end of year.  If my mind starts to drift, I am disciplining myself to come back to the affirmation of the one thought.  I’m also practicing asking more questions and making fewer statements.  I have found most statements to be limiting.

For instance instead of saying, I want to lose 10 lbs.  I ask the question how can I lose 10 lbs in a healthy, fun way?  If it’s money…instead of saying I want to double my income.  Try practice asking the question “How can I double my income by xyz in a stimulating, fun, engaging way?”, “How can I find the loving mate I deeply desire easily and effortlessly?”, “How can I double the number of customers I have?”, “How can I find the right house for the right price in the right neighborhood?”, “How can I exercise regularly and enjoy it?”, “How can I heal my body?, “How can I earn better grades easily and effortlessly?”, etc.

You get the picture?  Tony Robbins is a huge advocate of asking quality questions.  He advocates that the quality of one’s life is in direct proportion to the amount of quality questions one ask themselves.  Practice asking the one question, practice focusing on the realization of the one question, leave the how to the Universe, and go entertain yourself while you wait and make yourself as happy, loving, joyful, and appreciative as you possibly can in the meantime.

I Choose to Build a Record of Successful Experiences


It’s so easy to quit when results are either slow to manifest or there’s no results at all. Fear and doubt set in followed by the all too familiar chants from our inner critic committee…”Why even bother it’s not going to make a difference”, “Nothing seems to work out for me”, “No matter what I do nothing seems to go my way”, or “this is too hard” just to name a few.

I’m learning that the trick is to stay the course and put more faith in the process.  And to cultivate a love for the process.  In other words, we have to keep going and continue to take massive action to quell the voices of fear.  Furthermore, we have to recommit ourselves daily to our course of action and reaffirm daily that we will persist until we succeed.

We have two keepers of records within us.  One who keeps track of all of our failures, weaknesses, and shortcomings.  And, another who keeps track of all of our successes, strengths, and advantages.  We have to be deliberate and cognizant about whose records we want to give our attention and credence.

For any unknown venture we undertake each bearer of record can present to us overwhelming evidence to convince us of our imminent success or failure.  I don’t know about you but I choose to build a record of successful experience rather than succumb to fear.  I choose to keep doing the things that I fear to do knowing that every action has an equal and opposite reaction and this is how things move forward.

So the next tie false evidence appears real just see it for what it is ….an opposite reaction to your actions and trust in the process and know that you’re moving forward.  Bottom line, don’t quit at the first signs of adversity or small beginnings.  That’s the time to move full steam ahead with massive action so that you can add to your record of successful experiences.

I choose to build a record of successful experiences.

Cheers! ♥♥♥


Be Intentional!

new image

I love when the Universe provides me with confirmation that I am being guided in a certain direction.  It all started yesterday with a conversation with a good friend who was sharing her affirmations and how her intent to manifest was progressing.  I love it when someone has a catch phrase that stands out and sticks with me.

I had a serious ah-ha moment when she shared with me one of her affirmations.  She shared with me her affirmation was “I am a winner.  I win all kinds of things like sweepstakes, gift cards, lotteries, contests, etc.”  She went on to share with me how her manifestations were proving that her affirmations were working such as she had won free concert tickets by dialing into a radio show.  She further explained that she was able to get through to the radio station to win the tickets for two with her first call.

Additionally, she shared how she had won $15 from scratch offs which she never plays because  you immediately find out if you’ve won or not.  She was very enthusiastic as she recounted how life was dealing her a winning hand from different avenues.  Needless to say it also had me enthusiastic by the time I ended my call with her.

Unfortunately, overnight I slipped back into old habits and didn’t do anything intentional to carry these good feelings and thoughts over into the next day.  However, as I mentioned earlier I love it when the Universe gives me confirmation.  Today I decided to start back listening to two Hick’s audios on YouTube.  The one I listened to today reinforced this concept about being intentional and not slipping into the habit of allowing life to tell me how to think and feel and what to believe.

Abraham gave this affirmation to one of the participants and I absolutely loved it….“I’m going to be known as the good feeling girl because everywhere I go people around me that come into my vibrational vicinity will feel my positive vibration.  My vibration is dominating, my vibration is dominating, my vibration is dominating!  I am a powerful, creative, and invincible being with pure positive energy flowing from me.  I’m flying high because I choose to!”

I got goosebumps just listening to it.  Just imagine how one’s life would changed if a person affirmed this day in and day out.  The reinforced messaged I received from the Universe today is to be intentional!  I’ve marked off the next 28 days to be intentional about who I want to become, what I want to have, and what I want to do.  How about you?  Will you be intentional too?  What will be your affirmation of intent?

Cheers! ♥♥♥

Are You Willing to Pay the Price for It?

Unfortunately, so many of us subconsciously want something for nothing.  We want the easy way.  We want things rolled out to us on a red carpet.

However, life doesn’t work that way.  And the 5-10% who achieve repeated success in life know this.  Not only do they know this, they also estimate the price, cultivate a plan to pay the price and actually pay it.

If you do not possess whatever it is that you desire, then you have not paid the price for it.  What does this mean exactly?  From my observation it means you must evolve and become something different in order to possess whatever it is that you desire.

And to become something else you must use your thought force to positively propel you towards it.  Because your former manner of conversations with yourself are not a match to whatever it is you desire.

If you truly want it and have decided the price is worth the prize, then defy your senses and stop allowing what you see, hear, and think negatively deter you and cause you to falsely believe it’s not possible for you.

Instead make the effort and change your mindset.  If you want love then cultivate a loving mindset.  If you want wealth then create a wealth building mindset.  If you want a new car, then cultivate a new car ownership mindset.  If you want a new home, then cultivate a new homeowner mindset.

Nothing can stop you but yourself.  Do you have the courage, persistence, and patience to pay the price and change your mindset to become who you need to be in order to win your prize?

Remember your personal history remains the same until your mental conversations change.

Cheers!!! ♥♥♥