Faith is Not Optional….It’s Necessary!

Grow in faith regardless of what you see or hear. Faith separates knowledge from wisdom. You can be the most knowledgeable and intellectual person who’s the best choice for whatever and lack faith and not go very far. It’s the one with wisdom that transcends all barriers and becomes great.
Why? Because they depend upon mindsight not hindsight or eyesight. They rely solely on their connection to the Divine… their higher power….to lead them and guide them in their endeavors.
They have complete faith that a place has been prepared for them, and that they’re on their way to their promised land, and eagerly await for the way to be made out of no way. Surrendering to divine timing and diligently following through on inspired actions.
Faith isn’t based on circumstances. It’s based on blueprint and Divine guidance. Stop depending on limited self and become great by staying connected to Infinite Intelligence.

Make Your Vision Clear


One of the best ways to make your vision clear is to have a visual representation of it.  I personally find mind movies to  be more powerful than the traditional vision boards.  What is a mind movie?  It’s a collection of images that represent you having what you want or becoming who you want to be accompanied by a song that gets you in the mood of having your vision come true.

I find it to be most powerful to watch it right before I go to bed at night and then again in the morning before I wake up.  It ends up being like a mini video.  I typically select anywhere from 15-20 images so that it’s no longer than 2 minutes.  It has to be short, sweet, and to the point so that you’ll be inspired to watch it daily.  I use Microsoft Photo Story 3.  But you can google and find the software that best works for you.

If making a mind movie doesn’t fit into your schedule then make an electronic vision board using pinterest or Having the visual images and spending time each day interacting with them activates your mind and gets your subconscious mind busy doing what it does best…attracting, drawing and problem solving.

And the bonus is the visual images redirects your conscious mind from all the checks and balances and keeping it “real” for you. It takes courage to allow yourself to get swept away in enthusiasm and anticipation of your miracle unfolding. But that’s what faith is all about.

Decide what you want and go for what’s yours in this life. Leap outside of your comfort zone. Consult your higher self and get reacquainted with your heart desires. This is an abundant universe and we were created by an omnipotent, illimitable, abundant, resourceful, all-powerful, infinitely intelligent God whose ways are not our ways.

Trust and believe and  power up your imagination and get reconnected to an infinite source of Divine love, ideas, connections, favor, protection, resources, inspiration, etc. That’s where our true happiness lies…being at one with our Divine Creator and having unerring trust that someway somehow it’s all gonna be alright!

Nothing is impossible to him who believes. Make it a powerful imaginative day!!!

Cheers! ♥♥♥

What Does Your Mind See?


It begins in the mind.  The trouble with those of us who have not achieved our desired outcome and have not done what we can and ought to do is because we lack faith.  Our mental attitude is the cause of our trouble and the reason we have missed our mark.

There is no gimmick, no philosophy, no power in the Universe that can help me to do a thing when I think I can’t do.  And until I believe I can do it, it will remain undone. Before we can win in life we must believe in our power to win.  This my friends is much easier said than done.  Mainly because most of us avoid accepting responsibility for where we are in relation to the outcome we desire is mostly due to what our minds have been trained to see by us.

In order to achieve the outcome we desire, we must be confident in our expectations of achieving it, vigorous in our faith in ourselves, our divine creator, our skills and abilities. Lack of faith is the supreme cause of failure – lack of achieving our aim, our desired outcome.  We can never get further than our faith in ourselves.

The size of our faith indicates the size of the cables which connects us to our Maker.  The more faith we have the stronger, wider, and more durable are our cables making the capacity to receive divine ideas, favor, connections, endurance greater and greater. It is through faith we tap into the very source of life and begin to thrive, expand, and grow.  It is the key which unlocks the door to unlimited power.

What we impress upon our subconscious self, our estimate of our ability, our talent, our initiative, is what we will express in life, and is what we will re-present not only to ourselves but to others.  In other words, whatever we have trained our minds to see is what will be reproduced in our lives on every level.

When we train our minds to see our desired outcomes, we essentially are cultivating faith. Faith will enable us to transform impossible to possible.  Even when others cry “impossible” the man/woman supported by faith persists, and achieves their desired outcome.  Faith does not think or guess, it knows for it sees the way out.

Aneta Cruz says “Your mind is your greatest power, use it well.”  How are you using your greatest power?  Are you training it to see that you possess your desired outcome?  Imagination is the scissors of the mind ever cutting and trimming until the desired lifestyle emerges.  It is the part of the mind that needs to be trained in order to build our muscles of faith.

When you become grounded in faith, mental monsters will have no power over you, because your positive, affirmative mental attitude will bar them from your mind.  You will be strong through the consciousness of the God within you.  When a person realizes their kinship with the great creative Power, they cannot be anything other than positive, forceful, radiant, self-reliant, a conqueror of that which would otherwise drag him back or hold him down.  All the forces in the universe combine to help them reach their goal.

Train your mind to see the outcome you desire and have faith.




Imagination Is the Secret


Hello March!  Farewell February!  A new month a new challenge.  I love issuing myself a challenge each month because it keeps me on my toes and gives me something positive to target and look forward to.  This month I’m inviting others to join me again.  Many participants in last month Love Yo’Self Diva challenge experience personal breakthroughs and growth.

Thank you for all the positive feedback and how the challenge motivated you and helped you to soar and explore new heights in life.  This month I would like to explore and practice leveraging the power of the imagination to draw/attract desired results into our lives.

I’m trying something different this month and have created a Facebook group especially for this challenge.  If you want to participate in this life changing event, click here and RSVP for this event and you’ll be added to the group. This will prove to be a fun, exciting, and rewarding challenge. Let’s set our imagination forward and spring forward in life!

Cheers! ♥♥♥

Is It Just My Imagination Running Away with Me?


I’ve often read worry is a misuse of the imaginative power.  And I wonder why it is so easy for me to use my imagination in this way and so challenging to use it constructively.  I believe it takes courage to imagine the future that one desires without a shred of evidence of it coming true.  I also believe it is increasingly more difficult to do so when “reality” presents  us with the opposite.

After all we’ve all been drown and brainwashed in sayings like “seeing is believing”, “face the truth of the matter”, “face the facts”.  In other words, we’ve all been conditioned that “reality” trumps “imagination”.  I’m learning I have much to unlearn in order to embrace and harness the real truth about life and how we create the life we deeply desire.

It’s worth it to me to learn more about how to harness my imagination.  After all, the imagination properly trained will readily and efficiently plan, design, construct, build, improve, and generally perform creative work for us all.   I know that I know how to imagine because I do it so well with imagining the worse possible outcome.

In the same way, I now need to learn how to consistently redirect this energy to imagining the best possible outcome and holding on to it and replaying it over and over again in my mind like I do with the worse possible outcome.  Another thing I have discovered that’s fairly interesting and worth mentioning is how quickly people with concur with my imaginative acts towards the worse.

I think others relate to this more than when I declare, decree, and decide that the best possible outcome is on tap and waiting to be delivered to me.    I must have the courage to stand alone in my conviction of what I can create with my imagination and work/pray in secret and wait til I’m rewarded openly.

I’ve decided that I’m going to let my imagination run wild, run free, and focus it on the ideal of a strong, healthy, wealthy, loving, loved, free, accomplished,  appreciative, enlightened, and vigorous woman and trust that that ‘something within’ will faithfully reproduce this ideal in physical and material form and activity.  I will do my job which is to consistently imagine and trust that someway somehow it will happen for me.  And the leave the how to the Universe.

Cheers! ♥♥♥

Drifting Is Not Navigation


Want to guess how many full 24 hour days we have starting tomorrow, November 22, 2016?  Yep, you guessed right!  Forty full 24 hour days.  How will you spend them?  Will you aimlessly drift through them into the new year?  Or will you be intentional and navigate your way into the new year?

I choose to navigate into the new year.  I find this to be a perfect opportunity to invest my time in cultivating new seed habits for 2017.  Take baby steps if you need to do so.  If it’s true that it takes 21 days to develop a new habit.  I wonder what 40 days of intentionally practicing a new habit will yield for us?

I plan to go all out and have intense focus on developing three new habits that will support my top three goals for 2017.  My granddaddy used to say “If you don’t know where you’re going any road will take you there.”

What if it were just as simple as “It is my dominant intention to  drink 1/2 my body weight in water for the next 40 days to support my weight loss goals.”   Or, “It is my dominant intention to walk at least one mile a day for the next 40 days to support my weight loss goals”.  Or, “It is my dominant intentions to consume 3 fruits and 3 veggies each day without fail for the next 40 days to support my well-being goals”.

In sales?  What about “It is my dominant intention to make 5 income generating calls over the next 40 days.”  Career goals? “It is my dominant intention to study in my field 30 minutes each day to increase my knowledge in my career.”  Purchase a new home?  “It is my dominant intention to invest time looking a new houses, playing the money game, and visualizing being in my new home”. <= this one is regardless of if your bank account says you’re ready or not.  Same thing for any other purchase like buying a new car, furniture, etc.

Ready to meet the love of your life?  Or want to take your current relationship to the next level….What about “It is my dominant intention to set the table for two each day over the next 40 days in anticipation of marrying my highest mate.”  or “It is my dominant intention to turn the other side of my bed down over the next 40 days in anticipation of marrying my highest mate.” or “It is my dominant intention to keep an extra set of towels and change them out over the next 40 days as if I already am married to my highest mate.”

Whatever it is…your new habit doesn’t have to be a huge leap of faith or monumental.  Just something that keeps you focused on taking some type of action each and every day for the next forty days.  This is all prep work to build momentum so that you can get your mind to believe that you can have what you want and to take continual action towards your top three goals.

I think you get the picture.  Just get moving and get 100% focused on what it is that you want.  And don’t make the mistake of figuring out how it will happen.  Just keep your focus 100% on your intended end and take a baby step action each day that reinforces that you believe it will happen for you.

I want to hear from you….what’s in your navigational kit?  How will you use the next 40 days to sail your boat towards your intended destination?  Better yet what ideas do you have to share with others?  What baby steps do you recommend for a particular goal?  I’m excited and am looking forward to the next 40 days….Are you?

I Choose to Challenge My Limits


WOW!  It is so hard to believe we are in the home stretch quarter of 2016.  Remember all those new year’s resolutions and/or goals?  How have you performed?  I pulled my list out and I’m not quite where I want to be as far as achieving my 2016 goals.  Therefore, I’m going to push beyond the limits and take things into overdrive this last quarter of 2016.  December 31, 2016 will not come and go without me reaching my top five goals I set for myself.

I choose to challenge my limits this last quarter of the year in a way that I never have before.  Jean-Jacques Rousseau proclaimed “The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.”  Sages of all times have chimed in and agreed that we are only limited by our minds and that our imagination is limitless.

I don’t know about you but I’m ready to create “THE” life for me with all the things in it that I deeply desire.  I’ve been really observing myself for the last couple of months and others and I noticed that we have so many limits we erect in so many areas of our lives that we’re really unaware of how many we have and how we allow them to control us and our lives.

Additionally, I noticed that there are a lot of unwritten rules that if we’re not careful will limit us in unthinkable ways.  Where am I going with all this?  I’m saying all this to say challenge the limits in your life.  Examine your life and see where you have erected limits either consciously or unconsciously and then start to challenge them.

How can you challenge them? By asking questions, questions, questions!  For instance, let’s say you are in sales and you’ve unconsciously decided that it’s going to be challenging for you to either earn the money you want each month and/or the current promotion in your company.  Then instead of making declarations, start asking questions.

Such as how can I earn xyz by the end of the month?  Or how can I earn this year’s promotions?  How can I increase my knowledge base?  In what ways can I increase my efforts?  Who would love my products?  Why should people join my sales team? Where can I set up informational tables?  What knowledge do I need to increase my profitability?  How do I need to change my day to day habits/actions to support my goals?

When you ask questions instead of making declarations you give your subconscious mind a chance to help you solve your challenges/problems.  Thus helping you to not only challenge your limits but to surpass them.  Don’t believe me?  Try it.  First write down at least 5 things you want to achieve by December 31, 2016.

And then invest 15 minutes daily with pen and paper and start asking yourself as many Who, Why, How, Where, When, What questions as you possibly can to find solutions to reach a goal that either seemed out of reach or challenging to achieve.

Remember, you need to actively spend 15 minutes each day with your goal(s) asking questions and then writing the answers as they come to you.  Join me and choose to challenge your limits and build the life you’ve always dreamt of!  Will you choose to challenge your limits?

Build Confidence and Destroy Fear

Who do you think you are?  Our actions tell us more about who we think we are and what we believe we deserve than what we say with our words.  So many times in life we strike out to reach goals without understanding the who behind the what.  What do I mean by that?  I had a client once who emphatically stated she was going to be a millionaire.

It sounded good but it was quite evident that she lacked the confidence in believing she was a millionaire.  She failed to adequately prepare her confidence in who she was in order to be the millionaire she desired to be.  All confidence is acquired, developed.  No one is born with confidence.

In her case confidence would’ve come if she took the time to understand who is a millionaire.  The only difference between who we are and what we want be become are our mindsets.  And self-talk repeated day in and day out is what creates our mindsets.

Who we believe we are governs our actions, and the more actions we take to reinforce the mindset of who we want to become the quicker we will become it.  For instance in the case of my client, I asked her “so as a millionaire who much money will you make each month, each week, each day?”  She couldn’t tell me.

I also asked her, “How often do you go shopping?  Does your shopping match the patterns of a millionaire or a day laborer?”  I’m pretty sure millionaires go shopping far more often than day laborers.  Why?  Because they have money to spend so they won’t stop themselves from going shopping because they don’t have any enough money.

What about investments?  I’m pretty sure a millionaire is pretty savvy on investing and/or knows how to spot a good investor.  What activities do they participate in?  Again, I’m sure the average millionaire’s leisure time looks drastically different than a day laborer.

Am I suggesting that you go out and have champagne taste on a Kool-Aid income?  Most certainly not.  However, I am suggesting that you can acquire the mindset via your imagination.  There is nothing stopping you from going shopping with your fake money and pretending you are spending.

There is nothing stopping you from identifying the lifestyle habits and mindsets of millionaires.   In this case one way to build confidence would be to determine which occupations are most often held by millionaires.  And finding the answers to the following questions, where do they typically live geographically?  Where is the location of their homes within those cities?

How do they entertain in their homes? What leisure activities do they participate in? What about fine arts? What type of cars do they drive typically?  Where/how do they most often vacation?  How do they participate in community involvement?

What’s their education?  What clubs and organizations do they belong?  Which committees and boards are they involved?  The list goes on.  By taking time to understand the mindset of who you want to become increases confidence and destroy fears.

The more you understand the who behind the person you want to become and take action to become the person you want to be the more you’ll believe you are already the person you want to become. And the more action you  begin to take then the more action you’ll take automatically.  Want to be a millionaire?  Then think and act like a millionaire.

Want to be a wife/husband?  Then think and act like one.  Want to perfectly healthy?  Then think and act like a healthy person.  Want to be fit?  Then think and act like a fit person.  Albert Einstein nailed it when he said, “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

In other words, we can’t get to where we are going thinking in the same manner that landed us where we currently are.  Need help cultivating a plan of action to help build your confidence and eliminate your fears?  Click here and schedule your mentoring session today.

Cheers! ♥♥♥

4 Surefire Steps to Ramp Up Your Momentum and Power!

Can it really be this easy?  That all I have to do is clearly see the target and let the Universe take care of the details?  It appears to be the case.  The more I delve into the concept of the correlation between my imagination and what I create in my world the more convinced, fascinated and excited I become.

So much so that I am going to devote my entire month of October as an experiment to see what happens.  And let me tell you I’m brimming with optimism.  Which happens to be my theme this month “Optimize your life with an Optimistic October”.  How fitting that I undergird it with this experiment.

WOW!  I’m so cotton pickin’ excited that words cannot express the fullness in my heart and the level of enthusiasm I feel.  Okay okay let me get to the point.  Here is the meat of my Imagination Practice which only includes four steps that I plan to use in my experiment to ramp up my momentum and power.

Materials Needed: 1 Notebook, a target to apply this to (a particular desire)

Time Needed: 30 minutes per day

Process Needed:

  1. Take a pad and write out a brief script, outline, or description of the mental movie you want to construct, experiment with, develop, and/or view in the Theater of the Mind.
  2. Set aside 30 minutes a day, preferably at the same time each day, to find a quiet, private place, relax, close your eyes, enter your Theater to play, edit,  replay your movie.
  3. Gradually “tweak” your movie so that its “start” (you) performs exactly as you desire, and achieves the experience and results you desire.  Strive to arrive at this point within the first 10 days.  (By the 10th of this month)
  4. For the remaining 21 days, play and enjoy the movie repeatedly without any changes.


  • Make these pictures as vivid and detailed as you possibly can.
  • The way to do this is by paying attention to the small details like sights, sounds, objects in your imagined environment.
  • If the imagination is vivid enough and detailed enough, your imagination practice is equivalent to an actual experience, insofar as your nervous system is concerned.
  • See yourself acting and reacting appropriately, successfully, and ideally.
  • You do NOT need to try to have faith if what you are imagining will come true or not.
  • Your nervous system/subconscious/Universe will take care of it in time – if you continue to practice.
  • Just say to yourself, “I am going to imagine myself acting this way now – for 30 minutes a day.”
  • This exercise builds new “memories” or stored data into your midbrain and central nervous system.  It builds a new self image.
  • Have fun with it and enjoy the experiment and record daily any observations of you catching yourself “acting differently” or signs of your outcome manifesting.

Why am I doing this?  Because it doesn’t matter how you describe it: imagination, faith, practice, visualization, mental picturing, or using Maltz’s terminology, Theater of your Mind, countless athletes, entertainers, doctors, lawyers, business leaders, and others before me have experienced enormous benefits by engaging in this practice.

Now I have decided it’s my turn to if my doing it that I too can reap enormous benefits. What do I have to lose by setting aside 30 minutes each day to imagine what I want? Nothing!  What do I have to gain?  What I want most right now in my life.  And I will definitely gain more momentum, personal power and optimism.

Stay tuned….I will exciting news to share at the end of the month!

CHEERS!!! ♥♥♥

Can’t Have It Both Ways

It is an ongoing challenge attempting to harness and direct the imagination at will to conjure up the images and solely focus on what we want.  Isn’t it?  I know it is for me.  But, we have to decide the thing and give up the notion that we can’t have it in order to have it.

Can you imagine driving up to Wendy’s, McDonald’s, or Burger King and they ask “May I Take Your Order” and  you proceed to be wishy-washy, flip flopping. and constantly changing your order?  If you don’t make a decision and stick with it what will you get from them?  Nothing.

Well the Universe works in much the same way.  We can’t say I want this or I want that and then start waffling.  What will we get?  Nothing!  What can you give to a man or woman when they don’t know what they want?  In the process of re-imaging our beliefs we must get out of our own way.

We must persist in focusing on the image of what our success will look like for us.  And, dismiss anything that starts to undermine our beliefs that we can have it.  We really must divorce ourselves from the notion that we can’t have it.

As a man thinketh, so is he.  Obstacles are what we see when we take our eyes off our goals.  We have to stop hypnotizing ourselves into believing we can’t have it.  And, instead program ourselves to believe we can.  And the way we do that is to harness our imagine and persist in conjuring up images that say YES  YOU CAN!

I dare you to only imagine having what you want for the next 24 hours.  Our imagination is the bridge to crossover from the current state of not having to the state of having all that we desire.   IMAGINE YOU CAN!

Affirmation for today: I CAN HAVE IT!