6 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Angelyn’s understanding of human nature is both broad and deep. She is an unstoppable reader. More than that she remembers what she reads, blends it with her reservoir and sees things in you and your situation that no one else can.

    I grew more with Angelyn’s insights that any other way I can imagine.

    She is upbeat without being Pollyanna, open without being naive and strong behind words.


  2. Speaking with Angelyn was a life saver, she helped me piece my life back together, one step at a time.

    When we spoke I was amazed with her keen observations and sound advice. Oftentimes they paralleled what I was working on with my therapist.

    Her expertise extends far beyond just offering advice and support. Angelyn also gave me an outline for beginning a meditation practice and that has been my favorite take-away. We often compared notes like old friends and she had great ideas on how to continue developing my practice.

    After working with Angelyn I feel supported, more confident, and equipped with more tools to deal with life’s trials.

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  3. Angelyn was helped me in so many ways in all areas in life. She have given me tools to use when I am feeling anxious and taught me how to self soothe without reacting .
    She has guided me with making a planner/ vision board to list my desires and the goals I need to take to accomplish them.
    She gentle challenges me to look at problems from another angle to solve more efficiently for my life .
    Angelyn’s mentor comes from a place of knowledge , caring and passion . She study’s her craft and shares the information she learns as it pertains to your situation . I am so thankful that I have crossed paths with her .
    Thank you for sharing your gift .

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  4. Angelyn, is simply fantastic. After my 1st session I knew that my time with her would be life changing.

    With each session she provided sound advise. Her ability to no only hear what I am saying but to listen in a way that makes me feel heard. She was then able give me exercises and suggestions that really worked. I immediately felt better. She helped me to believe in myself, trust my instincts, create a vision board, start a new exercise program and meditation program that has created some positive vibes in my life.

    I am so glad I met Angelyn because I learn new skills that will definately make a difference in not only how I see myself but how I interact with others. Every subject we touched on she made me feel confident that I can do all things.

    Angelyn’s mentorship, friendship and passion means to world to me.

    Thank you for giving so much of yourself.


  5. Angelyn is a Powerhouse of knowledge!!! She spent time with me helping me with my goals!! What an eye opening experience!! I had no idea how deep in the dark I was!! She helped me open my eyes and my mind to what I need to move forward and achieve my dreams!! You are awesome and I am so grateful for your willingness to assist me with my goals!! Thank you so very much!!! 💜🌞🌞

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